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Date Established 03/2024
Founder Briana Brumer
Headquarters LIPSMART is headquartered in South Florida.
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Rachel Albert


LIPSMART is an ultra-hydrating lip treatment that replenishes moisture, softens and smooths dry lips, and provides long-lasting relief. It is peptide and ceramide-rich, boosting collagen production for fuller, healthier lips. LIPSMART is suitable for all skin types and delivers instant results.

Founding Story


Team Bios

Briana Brumer is the founder and CEO of LIPSMART. Her entrepreneurial heritage stems from her father, renowned inventor and chemist Julius Kay, founder of Lambert Kay, Inc. At a young age, Briana learned to identify opportunities and the complexities of creating products that provide solutions, which fostered her involvement in a number of companies as a venture capitalist and partner. She has continued her passion in product development with her creation: LIPSMART.

After years of discomfort due to dry and irritated lips, even struggling to sleep through the night, despite trying an array of lip products, nothing provided the relief Briana needed. That’s what drove her to embark on a path of innovation. She was relentless in developing a solution designed to capture and retain moisture ensuring that lips stay hydrated for hours, resulting in visibly fuller, smoother, and healthier looking lips, all within a minute.

After realizing she wasn’t alone, Briana searched for the highest quality of lipids, ceramides, and peptides to create a solution that was a magnet for moisture retention. LIPSMART was groundbreaking – the all-in-one treatment resulted in smoother, tighter, fuller looking lips, while healing the driest of lips even from culprits like prescription medications and injections. Beauty enthusiasts loved that the medical industry jumped on board!

True to her heritage and after much research, Briana developed LIPSMART with her chemist, and launched it into the Cos Bar chain for test marketing and still today remains their number one lip solution. LIPSMART is now a global brand and has expanded its presence to over 5000 luxury beauty, spa wellness, dermatology, and medical establishments throughout the United States

Alongside her passions for business, Briana maintains her involvement in charitable organizations. She lives in Miami, Florida where she directs the LIPSMART team.


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