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La Marca Prosecco

Discover a taste of La Dolce Vita


Date Established 01/1968
Founder The La Marca cooperative was founded by a collection of local growers who had a vision of creating high quality, internationally recognized wines and establishing itself as the global ambassador of Prosecco.
Headquarters Treviso, Italy
Press Contact E. & J. Gallo Brand PR Team


Our delicate La Marca Prosecco has a pale, golden straw color and sparkles with lively effervescence. Opening with aromas of fresh-picked citrus and honeysuckle blossoms, the crisp, clean palate brings fruity flavors of green apple, juicy peach and ripe lemon, framed by hints of minerality. The finish is light and refreshing with a tantalizing hint of sweetness.

Founding Story

Founded in 1968, La Marca has dedicated itself to serving as an ambassador for Prosecco and the Veneto region, representing 5,000 local growers who share a pride and passion for growing Prosecco and sharing their exceptional sparkling wines with the world. La Marca is proud to be America’s most loved sparkling wine.


La Marca Prosecco 750ml
La Marca Prosecco 750ml $18.99
La Marca Prosecco Rosé D.O.C. 750ml
La Marca Prosecco Rosé D.O.C. 750ml $18.99
La Marca Prosecco 187ml (3-pack)
La Marca Prosecco 187ml (3-pack) $18.99
La Marca Prosecco 1.5L
La Marca Prosecco 1.5L $36.99
La Marca Luminore Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. 750ml
La Marca Luminore Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G. 750ml $24.99

Team Bios

Claudia Manetta


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Born in the historic town of Bergamo, Italy, Claudia Manetta has boundless admiration for the
dynamic culture of her homeland. She developed a profound passion for art, literature and foreign languages early on and sought a career that would put these interests to good use. As the Export Manager for La Marca Prosecco, Claudia is an exemplary ambassador for the thousands of wine-growers in Treviso, promoting the territory around the world. “When I entered the wine industry, I discovered a world where passion, territory and tradition all play a significant role,” Claudia said, “Our goal is to take these wonderful aspects of our unique region and make them known internationally.”

After obtaining her Specialist degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures from Università degli Studi di Bergamo, IT, Claudia worked as an interpreter in her native country. Her heightened ability to communicate paved the way to her becoming an export manager. Ready for a change of pace, she took a chance interview that introduced her to the world of wine. She joined La Marca in 2008 and continues to manage sales for the brand across numerous countries. Claudia says she is honored to promote La Marca and inspire moments of joy for Prosecco fans around the world.

“I have always loved wine and food, as I think they are an essential part of the culture of every country,” Claudia said. “For over 50 years, we have crafted La Marca with only the finest Glera grapes from the heart of Italy’s Prosecco region. Our clean, refreshing wine style elevates any occasion and makes everyday sparkle.”

Over the years, Claudia has grown a deep appreciation for the art of winemaking parallel to her lifetime love of modern and contemporary art. She is grateful for the opportunity to travel, both for work and pleasure, and experience wine culture in different places. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new cities with her husband, riding their motorbike and seizing the opportunity to taste local wines and food. Claudia maintains her adoration for the arts, often finding time to visit exhibitions while traveling.


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