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Kalibri Labs

Discovery | Analytics | Insights


Date Established 01/2012
Founder Cindy Estis Green & Bob Bennett
Headquarters Rockville
Press Contact Amy Brecker


Kalibri Lab's mission is to help sustain the health of the hotel industry by enabling hotel brands, owners and operators to improve profit contribution by evaluating revenue performance net of customer acquisition costs. With a primary focus on providing in-depth market analysis, the company is dedicated to helping hoteliers make better business decisions by offering reports and data reflecting the historical performance of individual hotels, their competitive sets, and the broader market. Advanced metrics such as channel mix, rate category mix, length of stay, and customer acquisition costs are used to give the real estate community more granular data for a wide range of activities, including acquisition, development, and underwriting. With a dedicated team and a strong culture, Kalibri Labs has been recognized through various awards and press releases, showcasing their expertise and significant impact on the hotel market.

Founding Story

In 2012, Cindy Estis Green co-authored the groundbreaking study Distribution Channel Analysis: A Guide for Hotels and delved into the implications of digital disruption and the impact on the economics of hotels. She realized that in order to improve profit contribution, hotel owners and operators need to look beyond top line revenue and (1) account for fast rising acquisition costs and (2) fully understand the composition of their revenue. The solution lies in managing business mix and striking the right balance between transient and group; direct and third-party business and understanding the channels to tap in order to deliver the best results. She also recognized that while the industry has traditionally tracked market share through its RevPAR index, Net RevPAR metrics and share by rate category and channel enables more efficient and targeted deployment of limited sales & marketing resources leading to improved profit contribution.

Cindy teamed up with Bob Bennett and together they launched Kalibri Labs as a way to offer the hospitality industry a platform to evaluate revenue performance while managing the fast-rising cost of customer acquisition in order to keep the hospitality industry healthy and competitive.

Team Bios


Cindy Estis Green

Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

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Cindy Estis Green started her career in marketing roles with the National Restaurant Association then shifted to the hotel industry in both corporate marketing and senior operations positions for Hilton International. After founding the data mining consultancy, Driving Revenue, and selling it to Pegasus Solutions, Ms. Estis Green spent twelve years as managing partner of The Estis Group. Co-author of several groundbreaking studies, Estis Green’s prolific writing include the 2012 Distribution Channel Analysis: A Guide for Hotels; 2017 Demystifying the Digital Marketplace, and a series of Special Reports profiling the rise of Social Media, legal guidelines in the digital market, technologies for destination marketing organizations; profiling the brand-driven Book Direct campaigns and the Groups & Meetings market. Ms. Estis Green co-founded Kalibri Labs in 2012, a firm providing a next generation revenue strategy and benchmarking platform to evaluate and predict hotel revenue performance. Using innovative big data and data science techniques, Kalibri Labs helps hotel owners and operators optimize profit contribution. Estis Green holds a BS degree from Cornell University and an MBA from The American University.

Estis Green has been honored as one of the 25 Extraordinary Minds in Sales and Marketing by HSMAI, was inducted into the prestigious Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame and was named as one of Cornell University’s 90 Influential Hotelies. In 2014, she launched the AH&LA Consumer Innovation Forum with the industry’s leaders in digital and distribution strategy and is invited to speak at many global forums on topics related to hotel distribution and disruption in the digital marketplace.

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