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Date Established 02/2023
Founder Shankar Durai
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Shankar Durai


At July Mode, we’re redefining men’s fashion with sustainability at its core.

Our unique blend of natural fibers like Cotton, Modal, Tencel and Bamboo, coupled with our proprietary NeTu™️ technology, ensures our products are eco-friendly and gentle on the skin. We offer more than just clothing by providing luxurious essentials that harmonise with the environment.

Proudly “Made in India”, we’re bringing the richness of Indian innovation and craftsmanship to the US. Our commitment to ethical sourcing and production is unwavering, with sustainability being a priority at every step. We believe in fashion that’s not just stylish, but also sustainable and socially responsible. Join us in making a statement in the fashion industry, where style meets sustainability.

Founding Story

Shankar Durai, the founder of July Mode, introduced NeTu™ Technology to make men's fashion both eco-friendly and skin-friendly. With years of experience in advertising and marketing, Shankar saw a need for better materials in fashion, away from harmful polyester blends. NeTu Technology is July Mode's answer, using natural fibers like cotton, modal, bamboo, and Tencel. These materials are good for the environment and great for people's skin, being breathable, soft, and moisture-wicking.

NeTu™ Technology showcases July Mode's innovation, blending Indian craftsmanship with sustainable practices. It's a big part of how July Mode, a brand with roots in both India and the US, is changing fashion for the better.

Shankar's vision with July Mode and NeTu Technology is simple: to create clothes that are kind to the planet and the people wearing them.


Classic Crew, Plant-Based Tee
Classic Crew, Plant-Based Tee $58.00
WFH Henley, Smart Fabric Tee
WFH Henley, Smart Fabric Tee $58.00
Everyday V, Biodegradable Tee
Everyday V, Biodegradable Tee $58.00



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