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Date Established 10/2022
Founder Amy Cohn
Headquarters Los Angeles
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact amy cohn


Joydays is revolutionizing the snacking industry with its delectably balanced blood sugar-friendly snacks. Unlike most modern brands, we have boldly entered the vastly underserved diabetes market with a groundbreaking product, developed in collaboration with top dietitians, renowned endocrinologists, a chef from Noma and Alinea and the former President of the American Diaebetes Association.

This venture is not just about innovation; it's about addressing a critical issue. Currently, a staggering 51% of the US population grapples with prediabetes or diabetes, making it one of the most significant epidemics of our time. Our mission is to combat this colossal problem, and in doing so, we are poised to tap into both the $12 billion Diabetic Snacks Market and the $99.79 billion Reduced Sugar Snacks Market.

Founding Story

After working in tech, I went through colon cancer treatment a few years ago. I learned research suggests blood sugar spikes can contribute to colon cancer recurrences. I also learned that almost 50 percent of Americans suffer from conditions related to blood-sugar imbalances—think diabetes, prediabetes. For people trying to manage chronic conditions, the first habit change is to find food that’s healthy and accessible. But so much of what’s available looks medicinal or doesn’t taste great. Or is a packet of nuts.

I wanted to create a snack product that was delicious, had the right nutritional balance, and was affordable. So my team polled a large group of folks with diabetes and prediabetes, asking what they missed most. The top answer? Cookies. So that was a pretty obvious place to start.

I brought in a chef who had worked at Noma and Alinea—it was important to me not to settle on taste. Then I found R&D food scientists and dietitians, and we all worked together to create cookies with the right nutritional balance at the right price.


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