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Founder Mike Feldstein
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Jack Taylor


Jaspr revolutionizes indoor air quality with its Jaspr Pro air purifier, designed for commercial-grade performance and beautiful aesthetics. Made from durable white steel and equipped with best-in-class sensors, Jaspr Pro ensures superior air purification by combating toxins like wildfire smoke, eliminates odors, chemicals, gasses, and filters mold bacteria and viruses. Founded by Mike Feldstein, an expert in wildfire, flood, and mold restoration, Jaspr combines innovative design with unparalleled reliability, offering a lifetime warranty. Jaspr Pro helps improve sleep, reduce allergies, and enhance overall wellness.

Founding Story

Mike Feldstein, the founder of Jaspr, is a seasoned air quality expert with a rich background in wildfire and flood restoration as well as air quality consulting. Throughout his career, Mike has witnessed the profound impact of polluted air on human health. This experience led him to identify a significant gap in the market: existing air purifiers were ineffective in both disaster scenarios and everyday life.

Determined to create a solution, Mike leveraged his expertise to develop Jaspr, a premium air purifier company dedicated to advancing air science and technology. The vision was clear: to design an air purifier that combines the power and effectiveness of commercial-grade air scrubbers with the aesthetics and quiet operation suitable for home use.

Jaspr's mission is to protect air quality and enhance human health through the latest innovations in air purification technology.

Team Bios

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Justin Liberman


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Justin Liberman oversees Operations at Jaspr, bringing over 7 years of expertise in air quality consulting. With a proven track record of testing over 5000 homes, he possesses extensive knowledge in the field of indoor environmental consulting. Justin leverages his educational background to educate both new and existing customers on the science behind air quality, ensuring informed decisions and optimal outcomes.

Mike Feldstein, founder of Jaspr and an esteemed air quality expert, drew upon his extensive background in wildfire restoration and air quality consulting to establish Jaspr, a leading air purifier company committed to advancing air science and technology. His mission is to safeguard air quality and enhance human health through cutting-edge advancements in air quality science and technology.



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