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Jack Henry

Simple Ingredients, Powerful Results


Date Established 05/2017
Founder Kyle Bardouche
Health & Wellness
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Corbin Bricks


Jack Henry is a self-care and wellness brand based in Costa Mesa, CA. They have created a plant-based collection of full body care products sourced from the purest ingredients on the planet, designed to feed the microbiome and bring balance. They also have a wellness club and offer services focused on education and functionality.

Jack Henry stands out for its commitment to clean, organic ingredients and high-quality grooming products. Founded on the principle of offering safe alternatives to traditional personal care items, Jack Henry emphasizes simplicity, transparency, and effectiveness in its formulations. From hair care to skincare and fragrances, Jack Henry's product line reflects its core values. Each product is carefully crafted with minimal, organic, and sustainably sourced ingredients, free from harmful chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. The brand's focus on purity extends to its manufacturing process, ensuring that every product is made with integrity and environmental responsibility.

What sets Jack Henry apart is its commitment to education. The brand aims to inform consumers about the importance of clean ingredients and their impact on personal health and the environment. This dedication to transparency and advocacy resonates with consumers seeking authentic, ethical brands that align with their values.

Founding Story

Jack Henry has a down-to-earth beginning that started with a real need. When their son, Jack Henry, hit the age of two, his hair was getting long, and they needed products to style it. Founder, Kyle Bardouche, gave his wife, Erin, a product he'd been using. When Erin saw that it had 33 ingredients, most of them unpronounceable and synthetic, she said, "I’m not putting this on our son, and you shouldn’t be using it either."

This sparked a journey toward cleaner living, which they had already started with their diet. But the idea of what they were putting on their bodies was new. Erin decided to make something at home. She whipped up the OG Pomade on their stovetop with just three organic ingredients.

Kyle used it for two months and was blown away. It had only three ingredients compared to 33, and it outperformed anything he'd ever used. That's when they knew they had something special and needed to share it with others. They set out to build a brand that not only provided top-notch grooming products but also educated consumers about the importance of clean, organic ingredients.

And that's how Jack Henry was born, named after their son, Jack Henry. Their mission is simple: to offer products that are not only effective but also safe and natural.


hair clay
hair clay $28.00
hair paste
hair paste $28.00
balance $125.00
deodorant $22.00
karma $125.00
super face cream
super face cream $48.00


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