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The professional network transforming the way candidates with disabilities, mental health conditions, and chronic illnesses find jobs and connect to inclusive employers


Date Established 07/2020
Founder Charlotte Dales
Headquarters St. Louis
Human Resources
Press Contact Maya Yeshurun


Inclusively’s workforce inclusion platform connects job seekers with employers who are committed to attracting and retaining previously hidden talent. Our platform empowers employers with accommodations insights, access, training and support they need to attract and retain previously hidden talent. Employers obtain aggregated access to the fragmented network of nonprofits and training programs that support diverse talent.

We work to create the “front door” for all job seekers, built upon the values of universal design, equity, accessibility, transparency and empathy.

Founding Story

Founder Charlotte Dales has a technology background and watched her cousin Cameron become the first licensed aesthetician in the state of Florida with Down Syndrome. Seeing Cameron’s career fulfillment gave Charlotte the passion to replicate her employment success story for all people with disabilities and to create Inclusively, making it their mission to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal chance in life, including employment opportunities.


As a leader in diversity, 1 in 4 Inclusively employees, advisors, and board members identify with having a disability. Value creating economic equality for people with disabilities, as everyone deserves the financial independence and self-esteem that comes with building a meaningful career. Driving inclusion across industries and employers through measurable actions. Inclusion drives innovation by having an employee-base that is representative of the diverse customers that employers serve.

"We will continue our focus to drive employment among the disability community and create change that is both a matter of human dignity and economic urgency.”

– Charlotte Dales, Co-Founder & CEO


Inclusively - Inclusive Employment Opportunities
Inclusively - Inclusive Employment Opportunities

Team Bios

Charlotte Dales (She/Hers) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Inclusively, the workforce inclusion platform empowering employers with accommodation insights, access, training and the support they need to attract and retain previously hidden talent. Charlotte’s cousin Cameron became the first licensed aesthetician in the state of Florida with Down syndrome and after witnessing Cameron’s career fulfillment, she became passionate about replicating her employment success story for disabled talent and started Inclusively.

Before launching Inclusively, Charlotte started her career in finance with Deutsche Bank in London working with trading desks around the world. After five years, she left her bank job and co-founded her first company, CAKE Technologies, a mobile payment and reservation application for restaurants and bars which scaled to over 200 restaurants in London and was acquired by American Express. Charlotte’s experience in technology and startups has allowed Inclusively to provide a new technology solution to drive authentic diversity and inclusion in the workplace–helping employers acquire and retain top talent based on job seekers' needed accommodations to build sustainable livelihoods and careers. Under Charlotte’s leadership, Inclusively is proud to be modernizing recruitment by creating structure and transparency around accommodations, benefitting all job seekers. Charlotte graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder and lives in Richmond, Virginia with her husband, daughter, and son.


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