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Date Established 01/2023
Founder Meng Li
E-commerce & Retail
Outdoor Adventure
Press Contact Meng


Huhu is an independent parenting gear brand that offers hyper-functional and expertly designed products to help busy parents keep it all together. We work with best-in-class designers and manufacturers and create products based on hundreds of hours of product testing and lots of feedback from real parents. Huhu strives to eliminate the feelings of distraction and overwhelm that parents feel by simplifying choices and staying focused on one simple goal: creating the highest quality and most useful gear that helps parents focus on their children instead of their children's stuff.

 Our core product values:

  • Thoughtfully designed for real life: Huhu bags keep you and your stuff organized. They fit everything you need to carry, and our flexible and adaptable design can be reconfigured to adjust as your kids grow.
  • Made to last: We use the same high quality and durable materials that are used in outdoor performance gear.
  • Inclusive: Gender agnostic and simple design that is made for all parents. 
  • Sustainably Conscious: The fabric we use in our products is made from 100% recycled water bottles. The fabric we use is BlueSign approved, GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certified, and meets the Oeko-Tex 100 Standard.

Founding Story

After Huhu's Founder, Meng Li, had her second kid, she felt like she couldn't go anywhere without packing up half of her house. No matter what diaper bag she tried, they all seemed to turn into bottomless pits of 'stuff' that made it impossible find anything she needed for her kids. Meng kept thinking, 'there has to be a better option than this.' So she set out to design her ideal diaper bag. During nap times and long work calls, Meng started listing out things a diaper bag needed to offer and doodling some designs. Doodles turned into renders, which turned into real prototypes. After hundreds of hours of research, product testing, user feedback, and design revisions, the Everyday Diaper Backpack was born.



Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0 - Mid(dle of the)night Black
Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0 - Mid(dle of the)night Black $195.00
Go Anywhere Changing Wallet - Mid(dle of the)night Black
Go Anywhere Changing Wallet - Mid(dle of the)night Black $55.00
Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0 - Daybreak Taupe
Everyday Diaper Backpack 2.0 - Daybreak Taupe $195.00
Go Anywhere Changing Wallet - Daybreak Taupe
Go Anywhere Changing Wallet - Daybreak Taupe $55.00

Team Bios

Meng Li, Founder of Huhu, recognized the need for a new kind of parenting gear after experiencing the limitations of numerous traditional diaper bags. Born out of a frustration with the lack of high quality, simple and gender agnostic diaper bags available to parents, she set out to design her version of the ideal product. Determined to create a more comprehensive and functional option, Meng spent 2+ years developing The Everyday Diaper Backpack and The Go Anywhere Changing Wallet, featuring unique, practical and innovative design features that would make any parent feel as if they have it all together.

Prior to founding Huhu, Meng spent 12+ years in the CPG industry as a seasoned marketing and product innovation executive, holding senior positions in several leading companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Method Products (acquired by S.C. Johnson), and Native (acquired by Procter & Gamble). Meng is a parent to two kids and lives in the Bay Area.






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