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Easy to use cardio equipment with advanced treadmill tech Bluetooth technology


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T101 Treadmill
T101 Treadmill $649.00
7.0 AT Treadmill
7.0 AT Treadmill $999.00
7.4 AT Treadmill
7.4 AT Treadmill $1599.00
7.8 AT Treadmill
7.8 AT Treadmill $1999.00
T202 Treamill
T202 Treamill $799.00
T303 Treadmill
T303 Treadmill $1099.00


Kick off your home fitness routine with Horizon Fitness' easy to use cardio equipment. The unmatched durability and unique features on Horizon Studio Treadmills makes it easy to follow coached content or do high intensity interval training (HIIT). Only Horizon lets you connect to or follow along with whatever streaming content you like. They give you the flexibility and features you need to create a studio experience at home, for less.

Advanced Bluetooth quickly connects to multiple devices to stream media through the integrated speakers, track your heart rate and more. Feed your workout data to apps like MapMyRun or Zwift to train with their communities.

Count on Horizon Studio Treadmills for a smoother, more efficient run. Rapid Sync™ Technology ensures no lags or delays between speed and incline changes. It responds faster than other treadmill motors, so you’ll never fall out of step with a fast-paced interval running class.

Experience faster, smoother transitions between intervals using QuickDial™ controls that simplify speed and incline adjustments without breaking your stride. On the right, roll the dial forward to increase speed and roll it back to decrease speed. On the left, roll it forward to go up the hill and roll it back to come back down. Available exclusively on Studio Series Treadmills by Horizon Fitness.




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