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High Falls Hemp NY

Products that promote relief from stress, improve focus, support uninterrupted sleep, and alleviate discomfort for your body


Founder Rick Weissman & Tricia Horst
Headquarters High Falls, NY
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Tim Neumann


High Falls Hemp NY offers some of the only pure CBD hemp products on the market today. High Falls Hemp NY provides consumers with the most premium quality products possible, which is exemplified by the brand's loyal following and third-party lab reports.

Unlike others, High Falls Hemp NY owns the process from the seed in the ground to the product delivered to your hands. They craft the purest hemp-derived CBD-infused supplements, tinctures, and topical care products to promote your health and wellness on the market today. All ingredients are sourced from the company's farm in High Falls, New York.

High Falls Hemp NY's mission is to create products to promote relief from stress, improve focus, support uninterrupted sleep, and alleviate discomfort for your body.  Products designed to calm, nourish your mind and body, and moisturize your skin.

Founding Story

The High Falls Hemp story began back in 1981 when co-founder Tricia moved to NYC. Tricia grew up on a farm in Ohio, so city life left her yearning for the great outdoors. She soon found a beautiful parcel of farmland in High Falls NY on the banks of the Roundout River. Over the years Tricia and her husband Rick further developed the property and began growing vegetables and enjoying the land. It has been their place to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

A car accident in NYC left both of them with chronic discomfort and they started searching for natural remedies. Tricia and Rick soon started using CBD, and were amazed at how much better they felt without relying on medications.

When New York state offered farmers licenses to grow Hemp in 2017, they realized it was meant to be and planted their first hemp in 2018.

Rick and Tricia were passionate about farming and also about wine. They extensively traveled exploring the finest family vineyards from Napa to Bourdeaux. These vineyards were the inspiration behind the High Falls Hemp mission – to nurture the finest plants with organic farming practices to create the highest quality products.

How it all began.

Tricia and Rick’s dream of a hemp wellness revolution begins in High Falls, New York– two hours from the city. Today, Tricia manages the farming and Rick the marketing of their budding CBD business which boasts 13 acres of hemp farms in four locations.

High Falls is a magical place. The iconic waterfall at the heart of the town is the heartbeat, the lifeblood, of verdant valleys and vast, dense forests – a purity so palpable, it was ideal for creating the finest hemp-derived CBD products.

The very heartbeat of High Falls Hemp NY is its iconic Hempery – the cabin turned state-of-the-art laboratory where the seeds germinate and blossom into hemp plants. The Hempery is where the magic happens, where the journey begins. Through the brand's distinct “seed to soul” philosophy, the mission of High Falls Hemp NY is to craft the purest CBD-infused  products available anywhere.


CBD Wellness Kit
CBD Wellness Kit $110.00
Advanced Relief CBD Mobility Lotion
Advanced Relief CBD Mobility Lotion $29.00
CBD Orange Immunity Gummies
CBD Orange Immunity Gummies $12.00
CBD Pet Tincture
CBD Pet Tincture $35.00


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