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Founder Aman
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Disrupting the dip aisle with plant-powered indulgence: Growee Foods is a minority-owned brand making waves with its clean-label, allergen-friendly dips. Founded by Aman Blana, Growee offers a unique perspective on flavor, drawing inspiration from his Indian heritage.

Key Differentiators:

Clean Label: Growee uses only real, recognizable ingredients with no artificial flavors, preservatives, or fillers.

Allergen-Friendly: All products are vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, and peanut-free, catering to a wide range of dietary needs.

Modern Versatility: Beyond snacking, Growee dips add instant flavor to meals as a spread, sauce starter, dressing base, or topping, making them ideal for today's busy consumers.

Founding Story

Growee Foods was started with the idea that plant-based foods should come from, well, plants. The founders believed that vegan and vegetarian foods should be made with simple, natural ingredients, without any additives or artificial flavors. They wanted to create spreads and dips that were indulgent and delicious, while still being healthy and plant-based. The company is committed to using fresh veggies, peak-season fruit, nourishing seeds, and fragrant spices to create their products.

When Growee Founder, Aman began a transition towards more animal-free foods, he realized that often times, he was turning to more complicated, highly processed ingredients. In order to make plant based-diets more approachable they should be mouthwatering and not have ingredient lists long enough to get lost in, right?

Instead of using manipulated-in-a-lab “natural flavor,” he experimented in his kitchen, harnessing flavor from real, natural ingredients. In fact, each of Growee’s tasty spreads are simple enough that you could make them in your kitchen.

But, no one likes dishes,

so we took care of it for you.


Curry Zucchini Dip & Spread
Curry Zucchini Dip & Spread $9.99
Spiced Mango Dip & Spread
Spiced Mango Dip & Spread $9.99
Red Pepper Dip & Spread
Red Pepper Dip & Spread $9.99
Growee Bundle
Growee Bundle $27.99
Growee Bundle Gift Set
Growee Bundle Gift Set $34.99

Team Bios



CEO/ Founder

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I started Growee Foods when I struggled to find great-tasting plant-based foods that were made from simple recognizable ingredients and were not just an imitation of dairy/meat, made from complex ingredients. Growing up on a vegetarian diet in India, most of our meals were made from simple and fresh ingredients. When I moved to the US, I began eating way more processed, yet perceived healthier vegan products. Especially when it came to satisfying my snack cravings. I believe a vegan diet should not feel like a compromise and with Growee Foods, we're trying to change this by making products from simple recognizable ingredients that taste surprisingly delicious and come with none of the guilt and all of the flavor. As a first-generation immigrant to the country, I am grateful to our shoppers that they have accepted with such welcome and support, a product that I envisioned in my kitchen, made with my cultural values of eating fresh and local.


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