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Date Established 09/2023
Founder Ruchita Acharya
Headquarters San Jose
Health & Wellness
Press Contact Ruchita Acharya


Green-Beauty Co., a pioneering skincare brand, is dedicated to revolutionizing the beauty industry with its minimalist, ayurvedic, yet potent formulations, using no more than 10 ingredients in any product.

Our commitment lies in delivering purity, efficacy, and transparency, ensuring our customers enjoy non-toxic skincare that's gentle on their skin and the environment. In today's fast-paced world, women don't have the luxury of time to follow lengthy skincare routines. Instead, we generally opt for convenience and rely on an average of 12 beauty products per day which is accessible in drug stores. However, these conventional products may pose various dangers. According to a survey by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), an alarming number of women, 4.3 million in total, are exposed daily to personal care product ingredients that are harmful to reproductive and developmental health.

At Green-Beauty Co, we aim to break this vicious cycle by offering clean, natural, sustainable, and minimalistic skincare products that are handcrafted in California specifically for busy women. Say goodbye to harmful ingredients and hello to healthy skin. Green-Beauty Co is committed to reclaiming your "me" time, while leveraging time-honored wisdom (aka Ayurveda) in a sustainable skincare fashion!

Founding Story

It's all started in the year of 2018, when Ruchita faced miscarriage and unexplained infertility. She suddenly surrounded herself with lots of people advising on what to eat and types of exercise beneficial for her to conceive baby! But no one was talking about what are you applying or using in terms of personal Care/skincare products. Since she became ultra-conscious on every single aspect of her life specially Skincare.

She started her Blog "Glow & Green" in the memory of lost baby, and she wrote lots of DIY Beauty recipes inspired by her Ayurvedic roots and grandma. This blog gained bit traction which leads her into publishing a book with Skyhorse Publishing called "Sustainable Beauty". But during her blogging journey and her study with Formula Botanica in Diploma in Skincare, she recognized a gap between aspiration and reality. While many embraced the "Sustainable Beauty" philosophy, not everyone had the time, resources, or inclination to craft their skincare products. Determined to bridge this divide, she founded Green-Beauty Co., which embodies the principles of transparency, sustainability, and a commitment to a non-toxic lifestyle in Ayurveda way.


Glow Vitamin C Serum with Amla Oi
Glow Vitamin C Serum with Amla Oi $58.00
Blue Yarrow Body Oil
Blue Yarrow Body Oil $45.50
Supercharge Vitamin A Serum - with Bakuchiol Oil
Supercharge Vitamin A Serum - with Bakuchiol Oil $52.00
Neem Face & Body Wash.
Neem Face & Body Wash. $9.95
Kansa Wand.
Kansa Wand. $46.00
Anti-aging Duo: An Ultimate Hydration Duo.
Anti-aging Duo: An Ultimate Hydration Duo. $100.00
Spa Kit for Night Time Routine
Spa Kit for Night Time Routine $115.00


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