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Date Established 03/2009
Founder Tal Chitayat
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Sallie Calixte


Full Circle makes sustainable home care products that are beautifully designed, functionally innovative and responsibly produced. They were founded in an effort to educate consumers on their responsibility to leave the earth a better place than they found it. Their products span multiple categories including cleaning, compost, filtration, laundry and storage. Full Circle's manufacturing process is aimed at conserving resources, minimizing waste, and crafting durable items from earth-friendly materials.

Founding Story

It started at a Thanksgiving dinner in Shanghai. Four friends. A rational problem solver, a visionary designer, a confident connector and an eco-conscious leader with a single vision: to totally transform the way people think about the products they use every day.

Since its launch in 2009, Full Circle Home has grown from 10 cleaning tools to a brand with collections in cleaning, composting, storage, gadgets and hydration that help support a healthy and balanced lifestyle. From dish brushes to compost bins and glass water bottles, Full Circle creates products that inform and inspire better choices.


Clean Ocean - Palm Brush
Clean Ocean - Palm Brush $3.99
Clean Ocean - Scrub Brush
Clean Ocean - Scrub Brush $5.99
Clean Ocean - Heavy Duty Dish Brush
Clean Ocean - Heavy Duty Dish Brush $3.99
Clean Ocean - Dish Brush
Clean Ocean - Dish Brush $3.99
Clean Ocean - Bottle Brush
Clean Ocean - Bottle Brush $3.99
Clean Ocean - Grout Brush
Clean Ocean - Grout Brush $3.99
Clean Ocean - Netted Scrubbers
Clean Ocean - Netted Scrubbers $2.99
Clean Ocean - Dustpan Set
Clean Ocean - Dustpan Set $5.99
'The Baller'- Ice Cream Scoop
'The Baller'- Ice Cream Scoop $12.99
'Simply The Zest ' Zester with Food Catcher
'Simply The Zest ' Zester with Food Catcher $17.99
'Smooth Operator' -  Smooth Edge Can Opener
'Smooth Operator' - Smooth Edge Can Opener $19.99
'Slice'- Pizza Wheel
'Slice'- Pizza Wheel $17.99
'Peel Out' - Vegetable Peeler
'Peel Out' - Vegetable Peeler $11.99
'Grate Expectations'- Coarse Grater With Food Catcher
'Grate Expectations'- Coarse Grater With Food Catcher $17.99
'Crushed It' - Garlic Press
'Crushed It' - Garlic Press $19.99
Be Good Dish Brush
Be Good Dish Brush $6.99
'Tenacious C' - Cast Iron Brush
'Tenacious C' - Cast Iron Brush $8.99
Fresh Air
Fresh Air $39.99
Bubble Up
Bubble Up $14.99

Team Bios

Headshot Scaled 2.jpg

Tal Chitayat

Co Founder and CEO

see bio

Tal Chitayat is the co-founder and CEO of Full Circle Home, a B-Corp, known for its sustainable design driven household goods. His approach to product design focuses on the intersection of beauty, function, affordability, and sustainability, aiming to provide alternatives that do not compromise on quality while being eco-friendly.

Under Chitayat's leadership, Full Circle Home has expanded its product line to include a variety of household items, all maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability. The company, alongside its sister brands For Good and Soma, focuses on creating a sustainable supply chain and has a strong ethos of giving back a portion of its revenue to meaningful causes. This commitment reflects Chitayat's belief in building businesses that contribute positively to society and the environment.

 Tal Chitayat, in his role as a father to two young daughters in Brooklyn, is deeply invested in shaping a sustainable future through business. His commitment to creating a world where consumer products are thoughtfully designed with the planet's future in mind is not just a professional mission but also a personal one. Chitayat's dedication to sustainability and his efforts to instill these values in the next generation reflect his desire to leave a better world for his children. Through Full Circle Home and its related brands, he is actively working to change consumer perceptions about eco-friendly products, demonstrating that sustainable choices can be both practical and desirable. His approach underscores the importance of considering long-term environmental impacts in product design, aiming to inspire a shift towards more conscious consumerism for the benefit of future generations.

 Chitayat is also known for his personal interests, such as running, which he finds therapeutic and a way to connect with his surroundings, particularly in New York City where he appreciates the diversity and vibrancy of different neighborhoods. His dedication to a sustainable lifestyle is not just a business mission but a personal one, influencing various aspects of his life and work​ (Design Milk)​​ (Container Store)​​ (Apple Podcasts)​.






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