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FOTOFOTO is the planet-friendly "disposable" camera made from recycled waste. We design for the circular economy, up-cycling e-waste into delightful and sustainable point-and-shoot film cameras. When customers are finished with their cameras, we refurbish and recycle them at our facility, giving them new lives. Our innovative zero-waste model aims to divert some of the 50 million tons of e-waste generated each year which otherwise ends up in landfill. Film is forever, but it's time to #ditchyourdispo.


Fotofoto FF-1 "Aspen"
Fotofoto FF-1 "Aspen" $32.99
Fotofoto FF-1 "Atlas"
Fotofoto FF-1 "Atlas" $32.99
Fotofoto FF-1 "Meadow"
Fotofoto FF-1 "Meadow" $32.99
FOTOFOTO FF-1 "Tulip" $32.99

Team Bios

Hiro is Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at FOTOFOTO, where his innovative approach to technology and design drives the look and feel of our revolutionary OM-1 cameras.

A passionate advocate for green design, Hiro has dedicated his career to developing products and technologies that provide joy while also reducing emissions warming our planet.

Prior to FOTOFOTO, Hiro founded Koa, a clean suncare brand. He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, where he studied the intersection of science, technology and politics.




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