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Food Period

Nutritionist-backed period improvement products


Date Established 12/2017
Founder Britt Martin, Jenn Kim
Headquarters New York


Food Period designs functional food products that support women’s menstrual cycles. Their first product is a set of energy bites, called Moon Bites, which are the first and only product commercializing the functional nutrition practice of seed syncing (or seed cycling).Seed syncing is commonly recommended by integrative health practitioners to help women regulate periods, manage symptoms of endocrine disorders like PCOS, or promote fertility.The practice has women eat a set combination of seeds (flax, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower) daily, depending on which phase of the menstrual cycle they’re in. Each seed contains a micronutrient or chemical compound that can help a woman’s body better modulate the production and elimination of estrogen and progesterone, whose fluctuations characterize the follicular (days 1-14) and luteal (15-28) phases of a woman’s cycle.Despite being commonly used by integrative health practitioners, like naturopathic doctors and nutritionists, seed syncing is a natural practice that has largely been under-researched. Significant studies on how each of the four seeds affect hormonal levels and related symptoms do exist and can be reviewed here.Seed syncing has helped tens-of-thousands of women achieve better hormonal balance and Food Period is proud that their Moon Bites have helped hundreds of women to experience more regular, less symptomatic periods thus far.


Organic Moon Seeds, 1-Month Supply
Organic Moon Seeds, 1-Month Supply $32.00
Organic Moon Bites, 1-Month Supply
Organic Moon Bites, 1-Month Supply $85.00
Moon Mylk | Maca Cacao
Moon Mylk | Maca Cacao $26.00
Moon Mylk | Moringa Lucuma
Moon Mylk | Moringa Lucuma $26.00

Team Bios

Britt Martin Bio Image

Britt Martin

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In 2016, Britt was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 25. During her six months of chemotherapy, she stopped getting her period. The only option her doctors offered was the birth control pill to reinstate her cycle, but unwilling to put more synthetic hormones into her body, she sought out natural alternatives. She learned about the functional nutrition practice of seed syncing – eating specific combinations of seeds during the different phases in her menstrual cycle to re-balance hormones naturally – and three months after following the practice, her period returned without any of the PCOS-related symptoms she’d previously experienced.

Jenn Kim Bio Image

Jenn Kim

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Jenn has lived most of her life in Vancouver and Los Angeles, although originally from South Korea. The West Coast dogma of natural health paired with the Korean focus on holistic remedies meant she never used birth control for her menstrual problems, despite being prescribed it by her doctor. When Britt – her best friend from boarding school – introduced her to seed syncing, within three months, her periods become more regular and her persistent hormonal acne completely disappeared.



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