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Date Established 09/2015
Founder Patrick Schecht
Headquarters Austin, TX
Beauty, Fitness, Health & Wellness
Press Contact Patrick Schecht


fitppl is bring back authenticity. Authentic products and an authentic mission. fitppl has one communal goal; Creating functional wellness products that are better for people and better for the planet.

fitppl is the first and only waste-neutral wellness brand. Any waste they create, they clean up in the communities. They partner with organizations and communities to increase participation and inspire others to reduce the amount of waste they personally create. To date, fitppl has removed over 37,000 pounds of micro-plastics and litter since our founding.

fitppl's flagship products focus on functional wellness, which is a proactive approach to optimizing health and vitality and preventing the occurrence of ailments. Post-workout recovery, detoxification, healthy skin, and stress management are a few areas of focus with their current line of adaptogenic proteins and full spectrum superfood powder.

They are champions of authentic environmental stewardship as the first wellness brand to introduce their Ditch The Plastic initiative, which showcases the possibilities of challenging the status quo of wasteful plastic use in the CPG space. They have eliminated thousands of pounds of excess plastic waste by eliminating plastic use and leading by example. To date they have diverted tens of thousands of plastic would eventually break down into micro-plastic.

Founding Story

In August 2012, their founder, Patrick, was working at a startup in Austin, Texas. The office offered tons of snacks to employees, with zero healthy options. This sparked the idea for fitppl, products that incorporate real ingredients with nothing shady. The catalyst for the fitppl mission was born during 2013 in the waters of Thailand when fitppl was still just an idea. Patrick, witnessed incredible amounts of plastic packaging floating around. That experience was the inspiration for the fitppl mission of today and the mantra "Better for people. Better for the planet."

Team Bios

Patrick is the founder of fitppl. Patrick grew up in Austin where his love for the outdoors started. He has a serious beard, and a serious mission to challenge the status quo in the wellness industry.


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