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Date Established 07/2021
Founder Kate Herling
Headquarters Austin
Press Contact Kate Herling


At Everly, they believe that hydration should be available to everyone.  That's why they are helping put an end to dehydration caused by waterborne diseases.  As part of their Hydration for Hydration Initiative, they have donated over 1.5 million packets of life-saving rehydration salts to their non-profit partner ColaLife.
Everly's mission is to help you become the best version of yourself and that starts with drinking enough water every day.  It may seem like a small thing, but hydration plays an incredibly important role in your energy level, appearance, and overall health.
Imagine being able to really show up for the most important moments in your life!

Founding Story

Everly started in 2012 with a crazy idea: what if they could make a drink mix powder that tasted like their favorite sugary drinks, but was low carb and plant-based? A few months later, Everly launched their first drink mixes on Kickstarter and exceeded their goal by 200%! With amazing feedback from a group of early adopters, they have expanded into new flavors and several product lines. They still love getting together as a team to test out new ideas and recipes.


Everly x Slow Ride Instant Coffee
Everly x Slow Ride Instant Coffee $19.99
Hydration Variety Pack
Hydration Variety Pack $39.99
Energy Variety Pack
Energy Variety Pack $39.99
Belly Health Variety Pack
Belly Health Variety Pack $39.99

Team Bios

I had the idea of Tandem while I was 4 months pregnant. I was constantly lugging around my water bottle but not actually drinking it. Acutely aware of the benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated but I had a hard time constantly drinking plain water. 
As an avid consumer of flavored waters and sparkling seltzers,  I was searching for an eco-friendly, healthier option, essentially a drink mix so I could cut down on my packaging. However most of the existing drink mixes either had electrolytes (essentially added salt) which required added sugar and sweeteners. I couldn't believe there wasn't a drink mix that didn't have either out on the market! Hence the idea for Tandem.

While Tandem is a better-for-you product, I believed we can also be a better-for-the earth and better-for- community company.

My inspiration for Slow Ride Instant Coffee happened much the same way, where I knew there had to be a faster way to make delicious coffee. Slow Ride is on a mission to transport you to the highlands of Vietnam where our beans are meticulously grown and harvested, roasted by master Vietnamese coffee roasters and ready to drink in an instant. We strive to use the freshest ingredients, pay workers a living wage, and be supply chain plastic free and carbon negative by 2022. 






South Florida Business Journal - Feb 01, 2022 Sway Water is no more but founders have new product "CPG vets find more palatable profits in instant coffee"


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