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Eufora is a hair care brand that believes in the power of natural ingredients. Their products are formulated with nearly 100 different natural plant and flower extracts and essential oils. They are committed to making high-performing products that have a minimal impact on the planet.

Founding Story

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Triple Bond Repair
Triple Bond Repair $43.00
Urgent Repair Treatment
Urgent Repair Treatment $32.00
Beautifying Serum
Beautifying Serum $46.00
Bodifying Conditioner
Bodifying Conditioner $39.25
Bodifying Shampoo
Bodifying Shampoo $38.25
Hydrating Shampoo
Hydrating Shampoo $30.75
Moisture Solution Conditioner
Moisture Solution Conditioner $35.00
Urgent Repair Shampoo
Urgent Repair Shampoo $39.75
Hydration Leave-in Conditioner
Hydration Leave-in Conditioner $32.75
Curl Enhancing Shampoo
Curl Enhancing Shampoo $31.75
Curl Enhancing Conditioner
Curl Enhancing Conditioner $33.00
Perfect Curl Activator
Perfect Curl Activator $26.50
Defining Solution
Defining Solution $30.75
Moisture Intense Shampoo
Moisture Intense Shampoo $39.25
Moisture Intense Conditioner
Moisture Intense Conditioner $39.25
Leave-In Repair Treatment
Leave-In Repair Treatment $30.50
Soothing Hair and Body Cleanse
Soothing Hair and Body Cleanse $31.75
Frizz Control Conditioner
Frizz Control Conditioner $35.25
Conceal Root Touch Up
Conceal Root Touch Up $34.50
Illuminate $32.75

Team Bios

Katherine Riley, A 30-year veteran of the salon professional industry, Kat started her career in the corporate world with an extensive background in marketing and business. She combined this experience with her passion for the beauty industry and opened Katherine Jon Salon in 2000 in Long Island. Kat’s love of the salon industry and passion for the people in it ignited her desire to share her expertise in marketing and business while opening a dialogue with her fellow salon owners. This quest to share and network has led her to become a Business Trainer with Eufora International. It is Kat’s goal to become an instrumental part of raising the bar for how the salon industry is viewed by the world.

Joanne is an award-winning business woman, stylist and mentor who brings more than three decades of experience to her salon. She also works internationally as an educator for our core hair line, Eufora, enhancing the knowledge and skills of salon owners and stylists in cutting, color and business acumen. Her credentials as a visionary colorist and her interest in environmentally friendly, quality product lines have made her a sought after consultant. She received her Master Colorist Certification with Schwartzkopf in 2010, and later traveled to Italy to assist in the creation of EuforaColor, a revolutionary color line by Eufora International. Dedicated to nurturing inner and outer beauty, she has created a vibrant and vital space that transforms the salon experience.

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