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Date Established 01/2015
Founder Charla Jones
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Chelsea Kershaw


eu2be is a skincare brand that offers rare products with artful philosophy and real stories. They use the best multifunctional carrier oils and nutrient-rich biomimetic lipids to create deeply absorbing skincare treasures.

Founding Story

Founded in 2015 by Charla Jones, eu2be is a skincare brand that focuses on transformative skincare products that foster a connection with the body. Their products embrace the complexity, intrigue, and challenge of real life, aiming to provide an emotional and physical connection.


Keepsake Body Cream Moisturizer
Keepsake Body Cream Moisturizer $65.00
**NEW**Golden Amends Body Balm Dry Skin Salve
**NEW**Golden Amends Body Balm Dry Skin Salve $95.00
Trove Replenishing Body Oil
Trove Replenishing Body Oil $75.00

Team Bios

As eu2be founder and CEO, Charla Jones has created a collection of award-winning skincare products designed to honor all bodies and skin types and transform how we care for our skin. She is on a quest to illuminate the essential nature of beauty and wellness in our lives.

Creativity and hard work form a thread that runs through all that Charla does. Likewise, the brand’s proprietary rare blends of natural carrier oils are themselves substantial and hardworking.

Building on her lifelong passion for the arts and cultural experiences, the Boston-based entrepreneur serves on the boards of three forward-looking arts organizations: the Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston, the Boston public art curator Now + There, and New York Live Arts, home to the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company.

From her world-traveling aunt Eugenia — for whom eu2be is named — to her maternal grandmother, who hosted the likes of B.B. King at her Midwestern speakeasy, Charla draws inspiration from highly creative, hardworking and entrepreneurial women. And she credits her caretakers for the idea that one’s labor creates value and beauty in the world.

Before founding eu2be, her entrepreneurial career spanned endeavors ranging from small businesses to blue-chip Fortune 500 brands, and in 1998 she built an independent creative marketing agency from the ground up. Establishing offices and building teams in Boston and Paris, she worked hands-on with tech-company clients to devise their business strategies, product launch plans and marketing communications programs.

In 2012, when her entrepreneurial instincts led her to recognize the unmet needs of highly discerning and wellness-minded people like herself, she created a brand that would embody an ethos of caring for the skin you live in — not just the face you present to the public.

An avid collector of art and books, Charla’s passions extend to photography — often crafting and shooting images for Eu2Be — cooking, street fashion, travel and spending time in nature.

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