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DuBlasé is a premium, award-winning whiskey brand that caters to the ever-growing and diverse spirits market. Inspired by sophistication, friendship and celebrating life’s special moments. DuBlasé is made from natural ingredients, distilled, matured and blended under the guidance of our master distiller. Our hand-crafted whiskey brings together complex notes for a balanced a flavorful pour. We distill every batch with precision, creating an authentic, crisp and unrivaled taste profile. DuBlasé features a hint of vanilla, complemented with all natural spices, and refined for a smooth and robust finish. DuBlasé's universal & recognizable appeal is perfect for celebrating life's special moments with a toast of a glass.

Founding Story

The inspiration behind DuBlasé goes back to the simple delicacy of celebrating an achievement with friends and loved ones. Founder and CEO, Darrin Eakins, was initially introduced to the development of sophisticated Spirits by an Uncle at a family tasting. He told his uncle that he wanted to create a refined recipe dedicated to the comradery he experienced throughout his college days at Florida A&M University. Fast-forward a few months later and Eakins found himself dedicating countless hours working with a master distiller in his home state of Florida to develop the perfect whiskey. What came from nearly two years of dedication and hard work is DuBlasé — a proprietary robust and sophisticated whiskey blend that suits any celebration. 

“Celebrating life’s special moments with colleagues, family and friends with a sip of a fine whiskey were some of my most vivid memories. It's only right that these celebratory moments with friends ultimately inspired me to develop and launch DuBlasé to the world. With DuBlasé, everyone can enjoy life’s unforgettable moments with a toast of a glass,” -Darrin Eakins, DuBlasé Founder & CEO.

The original name, "Golden Age Whiskey," was created based on the brand’s parent company Golden Age Innovations. But was quickly changed to be more personal and reflective of himself. Eakins decided to rename his whiskey after his “Line Number” of his fraternity at Florida A&M University. Eakins is a Life Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. If you are not familiar with fraternities and sororities of the Divine 9, let us break some of the culture down for you. The term “line” comes from when fraternities and sororities debut a new group of members, the group is often referred to as a line. The number comes from the new member’s numerical order in the group. When he became a member, there were 12 members on his line, which debuted in the spring of 2008, Eakins was number 11. In fraternity and sorority culture, the term "Ace" usually means the number 1 or 1st member on the line, and "Double Ace" would be the number 11 or 11th member on the line. As an ode and dedication to his line number, DuBlasé pronounced Du - bläˈ- say was born from reformatting the phrase "Double Ace."

To add a special touch, Eakins incorporated a medallion in the DuBlasé bottle label design, which represents 12 edges for each member of his line who helped inspire the spirit of the DuBlasé brand.


DuBlasé Straight Bourbon Whiskey No.9
DuBlasé Straight Bourbon Whiskey No.9 $46.99
DuBlasé Vanilla Whiskey No.11
DuBlasé Vanilla Whiskey No.11 $32.99

Team Bios

Darrin Eakins is the Founder and CEO of DuBlasé Whiskey. He is a proud graduate of Florida A&M University and holds a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering. A leader with over a decade of history in engineering, innovation and consumer goods. Darrin drives a robust business model that is the catalyst for the success of his business ventures, some of which include: Golden Age Innovations, and the Savannah Ghost Pirates ECHL professional ice hockey team.

A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Darrin’s diverse professional background has landed him media coverage from national outlets, such as ABC, FOX, NBC and featured publications, such as Authority Magazine, Business Journal, and Forbes. Throughout his career, Darrin has earned a number of awards, including being named Top 40 Under 40 by Florida A&M University (2023) and Top 20 Under 40 by the Florida Black Expo (2021).  

Outside of his entrepreneurial endeavors, Darrin is an active member in the community and is passionate about giving back. He is a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Business REIN Panel, Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, and FAMU National Alumni Association. Darrin serves on the Board for Level the Playing Field Leadership Academy and the DuBlasé Foundation. Darrin also serves on the Board of the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, as appointed by the Mayor of Jacksonville. 

Darrin is a graduate of the Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship Small Business Executive Program Class XV, Hightower Emerging Leader Fellowship Class VII, and Leadership Jacksonville ℅ 2023. Darrin looks to continue his efforts in leading the charge in building a strong community with a unified vision.


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