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Date Established 01/2022
Founder Michelle Valdez-Wilton
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Press Contact Kim Biddle


Your dating game just got an upgrade. Medjools are the pinnacle of dates because of their rich caramel texture. Full of fiber, potassium, B-family vitamins, magnesium and calcium-just to name a few. Ditch those one-night snacks, we promise health and happiness in every single bite.

Founding Story

We're Date Better Snacks. Our mission is to help you snack your way to a better life. Remember the joy of biting into a chocolate-covered treat, or the comforting embrace of creamy nut butter? We missed that feeling too. And so, in 2022, with a sprinkle of nostalgia and a whole lot of passion, we decided to revamp the snack game.

Our Little Adventure

It all started in a home kitchen, with an idea: “What if we take nature's candy - the Medjool date - and give it a little twist?” After a bunch of (delicious) trial and error, we landed on our product line: a fresh-ground nut butter stuffed Medjool date, all dressed up in a coat of rich 85% organic chocolate. And the cherry on top? Less than 1 gram of added sugar. Yep, we couldn't believe it either!

Medjool Dates: The Unsung Heroes

Ever met a Medjool date? They're sweet, plump, and oh-so-nutritious. Dubbed the "King of Dates", these beauties come packed with vitamins, minerals, and a bunch of good vibes. 

What We Stand By

Real Good Quality: From handpicking the finest Medjool dates to melting the perfect chocolate, we’re all about giving you the best.

Always Exploring: Sure, we’ve made something pretty awesome, but why stop there? We're always in the kitchen, whipping up something new.

Loving the Earth: Our planet’s been good to us, giving us all these tasty ingredients. So, we make sure we’re good right back with eco-friendly choices.


Cashew Lime Crisp (6 boxes)
Cashew Lime Crisp (6 boxes) $36.00
Peanut Butter Crunch (6 boxes)
Peanut Butter Crunch (6 boxes) $36.00
Almond Java Crunch (6 boxes)
Almond Java Crunch (6 boxes) $36.00
Hazelnut Praline (6 boxes)
Hazelnut Praline (6 boxes) $36.00
3 Flavor Variety Pack (6 boxes)
3 Flavor Variety Pack (6 boxes) $36.00
4 Flavor Variety Pack (8 boxes)
4 Flavor Variety Pack (8 boxes) $48.00


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