Cuzen Matcha Just Made its Award-Winning Matcha Maker More Accessible Available Immediately
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The price for Cuzen Matcha’s elegant Matcha Maker Starter Kit just dropped, making it more accessible to matcha lovers who appreciate the freshest matcha available, in the comfort of their own homes. The Matcha Maker Starter Kit, which previously cost $369, is now available for $299 at

While the price of the Matcha Maker itself is unchanged, the company was able to lower the price of its Starter Kit, which includes the award-winning Matcha Maker and a selection of organic Matcha Leaf packets, by adjusting the size and varieties of Matcha Leaf packets included.

“This is the same exact Matcha Maker that was named one of Time’s Best Inventions. We were able to lower the price of the Starter Kit by adjusting the Matcha Leaf selection included in our Starter Kit, allowing more people to experience the benefits and culture of matcha ,” said Cuzen co-founder and CEO Eijiro Tsukada.

The updated Starter Kit will include three 4-gram leaf packets — one Premium Matcha Leaf, one Signature Matcha Leaf and one Latte Blend Matcha Leaf. This change will allow matcha lovers to sample all three of Cuzen’s high-quality Matcha Blends — as opposed to only two previously — so they can make more informed decisions about which Matcha Leaf packets to purchase or subscribe to in the future. Also included in the Starter Kit is “A Guide to Your Matcha Moment,” Cuzen’s new booklet full of technical help, maintenance tips, nutritional information and recipes — a perfect manual to help you start your daily matcha ritual.

Tsukada continued, “Cuzen is excited to offer these changes because we know there is no substitute for freshly- ground matcha. Grinding tea leaves immediately before whisking provides the most verdant, nutritional, aromatic and delicious cup of matcha. As opposed to pre-ground matcha powder, which quickly oxidizes and decreases in quality. Just as the most devout coffee lover prefers grinding coffee beans immediately before brewing, a matcha connoisseur appreciates a cup of matcha made from freshly-ground leaves.”

Since launching in 2020, Cuzen Matcha was named one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020. Cuzen also won the 2021 iF Design award; 2021 Good Design Award; 2020 San Francisco Design Week, Future of Foods Award and was a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree.

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