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Date Established 06/2020
Founder Tom First
Headquarters Concord, Massachusetts
Press Contact Bobbie Burgess


Culture Pop Soda is uniquely crafted with delicious, slightly sweet combinations of real, organic fruit juice, herbs & spices, and live probiotics. Fizzy & gutsy, each sip is packed with familiar flavors that consumers already know and love but without the refined sweeteners found in traditional sodas or the artificial sweeteners and stevia found in diet sodas. The current seven-flavor lineup ranges from crushable combinations like Watermelon Rosemary & Lime to more complex Ginger Lemon & Turmeric. Every 12 oz can is packed with billions of live probiotics for gut health and are vegan, certified non-GMO, gluten-free, plant-based, shelf-stable, and kosher.

Founding Story

We are raising the bar for what soda should be. Our founder Tom couldn’t ignore the gap in the carbonated soft drink industry any longer - where is a great tasting soda with honest ingredients?! After being initially inspired by unique & complex mocktails his kids were served at a local restaurant, Tom set out to craft a soda that doesn’t skimp on flavor and is just sweet enough. Incorporating a digestive health benefit was important as well, but Tom was only going to do this whole “starting-a-beverage-company-thing” again if the product tasted…well…good.

Thankfully, Tom and the team figured something out that is beyond good - it's extremely delicious actually. Through trial and error with different mixtures of juices and spices, we’ve landed on seven perfect combinations. Delicious & different & fun & honest - we are uniquely crafted with only high-quality and honest ingredients, for a final product that is packed with dynamic flavors & legitimate gut health benefits, without the high-sugar levels of traditional soda or ultra-sweet substitutes in diet sodas.

Crafted locally in Vermont, HQ’ed in Boston, and sold nationally - we are proud of the soda we’ve crafted and the feel-good community that it has inspired.


Culture Pop Sampler Pack
Culture Pop Sampler Pack $32.99
ORANGE MANGO & lime $2.49
WATERMELON lime & rosemary
WATERMELON lime & rosemary $2.49
WILD BERRIES basil & lime
WILD BERRIES basil & lime $2.49
GINGER LEMON & turmeric
GINGER LEMON & turmeric $2.49
STRAWBERRY & rhubarb
STRAWBERRY & rhubarb $2.49
PINK GRAPEFRUIT & ginger $2.49
LEMON LIME & cardamom
LEMON LIME & cardamom $2.49

Team Bios

Tom First launched Culture Pop Soda in June 2020, reinventing what soda should be. Tom co-founded Nantucket Nectars in the 1980s and has spent the last two decades working with emerging beverage brands. He couldn’t ignore the gap in the carbonated soft drink industry any longer and set out to craft a soda that doesn’t skimp on flavor and is just sweet enough.

The idea for Culture Pop struck Tom when he tried a sip of his son's mocktail. "I remember the mocktail had sprigs of rosemary with juice, and I'm a beverage guy, so I'm sitting there starring at my son's drink thinking, my gosh, why hasn't anyone done this with a soda?"

He knew he was ready to re-enter the ring when he and the founding team unlocked a winning formula by combining organic fruit juices with real, organic herbs & spices to create dynamic, delicious flavors. No need to add the high sugar levels of traditional soda or ultra-sweet substitutes of diet sodas. Culture Pop also contains billions of live probiotics in every can to aid gut health and digestion, which is something Tom is a strong proponent of supporting.


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