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Brutus Bone Broth

All-natural, human grade bone broth for dogs with a mission to nourish pets while giving back to the community


Date Established 01/2017
Founder Kim Hehir and Sue Delegan
Headquarters Bridgewater
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Julia Lauria


Brutus Bone Broth aims to provide health and longevity benefits to dogs by offering a tasty and nutritious bone broth product. Brutus Broth is masterfully crafted specifically for dogs using the highest quality standards possible and human grade ingredients.

Many bone broths meant for humans contain ingredients that can be harmful for dogs, such as onions and garlic. Brutus Broth is crafted to boost your dog’s overall health with added nutrients you won’t find anywhere else on the market.

Fortified with chondroitin and glucosamine to support your dog's joint health, as well as turmeric to combat inflammation, Brutus Broth is a great way to get these nutrients into your dog’s existing diet at an affordable price. Additionally, every batch of Brutus Broth goes through two strict rounds of quality assurance that is governed by the USDA so you can be confident in putting Brutus Broth in your dog’s bowl.

Founding Story

The Brutus Broth story began on Thanksgiving Day 2016 when a family member asked Co-Founder and CEO Sue Delegan what she attributed to Brutus' longevity - who lived to be almost 14, well beyond the typical life expectancy of a 135 lb dog. The answer: “Love and Grandma’s Bone Broth.” As a pup that led a very active life, Brutus had a number of health issues most senior dogs face.

Sue found that adding Bone Broth to his diet not only provided him with a tastier meal but gave him added nutritional benefits, and made his dry food easier to digest. The challenge was finding a way to share these benefits with other dogs. Kim and Sue spent thousands of hours researching the pet market, speaking to experts in the industry, testing and tweaking recipes, designing packaging prototypes, working with ingredient suppliers and manufacturers, amongst other things, to assemble the best possible team to help bring Brutus’ Bone Broth to the market.​​​


Broth Beginners Bundle
Broth Beginners Bundle $32.99
Doggy Bag Bundle
Doggy Bag Bundle $29.99
Brutus Beef Bone Broth
Brutus Beef Bone Broth $7.99
Brutus Chicken Bone Broth
Brutus Chicken Bone Broth $7.99
Brutus Pork Bone Broth
Brutus Pork Bone Broth $7.99
Brutus Vegetable Bone Broth (Salmon Flavor)
Brutus Vegetable Bone Broth (Salmon Flavor) $7.99
Brutus Bone Broth Biscuits (Chicken)
Brutus Bone Broth Biscuits (Chicken) $7.49
Brutus Bone Broth Biscuits (Beef)
Brutus Bone Broth Biscuits (Beef) $7.49
Brutus on the Go
Brutus on the Go $1.99
Beyond the Bowl Recipe Book
Beyond the Bowl Recipe Book $24.99

Team Bios

A graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration, Kim serves as the Co-Founder and President of Brutus Broth, Inc. She has a diverse background in strategy, marketing, finance and nonprofits. Previously, she was Vice President of Strategic Planning for The Leading Hotels of the World, a luxury hotel company with approximately 500 hotels in 90 countries. Kim oversaw the Company’s overall strategic direction as well as the Company’s ancillary businesses. She was also responsible for sourcing and evaluating new business opportunities and subsequently launching those businesses, which added strategic value to the company. During her 7-year tenure at Leading, she was instrumental in delivering over a 400% increase in shareholder value.

Julia is a marketing veteran who has over a decade of experience in branding, partnerships, content creation, influencer relations and marketing, endorsements, public relations, and social media. She has managed campaigns and partnerships for highly visible brands including BMW, Southwest Airlines, Gatorade, UnitedHealthcare and more.

She spent 7 years at an agency based in Atlanta, GA as Director Marketing and ascended to Vice President of Branding by 2018. She oversaw all marketing activities for the firm and led branding strategy and execution for the high profile clients represented by the agency.

Julia began consulting for brands and non-profit organizations in late 2021, and has helped guide and create marketing strategies that utilize athletes and influencers in meaningful ways - including charitable connections, PR and media opportunities, NIL partnerships, brand building, and endorsements. She joined Brutus Broth in 2023 as their Chief Marketing Officer, and is excited to be a part of a rapidly growing female-founded CPG brand.

Sue serves as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Brutus Broth, Inc. Sue is a graduate of St. Lawrence University and has a strong background in marketing and business. Before launching Brutus Broth, Sue co-founded and served as President of Ilios Dairy Brands, LLC, a dairy company focused on offering an innovative and natural alternative in the dairy segment. The Ilios’ Greek Yogurt Butter was lauded as a “Top New Products” by Supermarket Guru in August 2012 and as a “Rising Star” in Specialty Foods Magazine in November 2012. Prior to launching Ilios, Sue spent 10 years as a fundraising and strategic marketing professional in a variety of non-profit organizations. She focused on major giving ($10,000+), endowment gifts and planned giving. She played a key role in securing gifts from Individuals, Foundations and Corporations as well as handling all Media Relations.


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