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Date Established 01/2014
Founder John Beck McConnico
Headquarters Oakland
Press Contact John Beck McConnico


Bespoke Watch Projects creates limited production mechanical timepieces, each assembled by hand in Oakland, California. The brand has become known for its combination of heritage-inspired details and modernist design influences, as well as being distinctive objects of expression from designer & watchmaker John Beck McConnico. With a background in art direction, design, and fine art, he applies unconventional techniques to the overall production process. His latest “Intaglio” collection incorporates engraved & patinated dials with direct influences from painting and printmaking—resulting in pieces that look both familiar yet unique.

Final dial creation and finishing is executed in-house, applying custom patinas and engraving to recycled brass, copper, and sterling silver substrates. The brand also strives for a “zero waste” model, using leather cut-offs and dead stock materials for custom straps and recycled components for packaging. Above all, the range of processes contribute to the end product—a timepiece that is equal part tool, art, and heirloom.

In addition to made-to-order timepieces, a curated selection of readymade models are also offered, allowing customers to immediately buy distinctive one-of-a-kind watches.

Founding Story

John Beck McConnico founded the brand in 2014, having grown organically from his bespoke made-to-order service. As a long-time watch collector, Creative Director, and designer, John incorporated his varied experience in product, graphics, art, and architecture into the creation of distinctive and handmade timepieces.

In addition to serving customers and client commissions, his mission is to also foster & promote watchmaking in the United States, as well as support ongoing charitable causes. The brand regularly creates custom timepieces for national & international charities & auctions—providing tangible "artifacts of expression" for support.


Intaglio 38 “Modèle Nu” Edition + Radial Lapis Blue Dial
Intaglio 38 “Modèle Nu” Edition + Radial Lapis Blue Dial $775.00
Intaglio 38 “Super 60” Edition + Engraved Brass Dial
Intaglio 38 “Super 60” Edition + Engraved Brass Dial $775.00
Intaglio Midsize Edition + “Sixty-One” Brass Dial
Intaglio Midsize Edition + “Sixty-One” Brass Dial $680.00

Team Bios

For two decades John Beck McConnico has developed award-winning creative strategies, campaigns, systems, and products for Fortune 50 companies such as Apple, Sony, and NBC—as well as early-stage and mid-growth startups. His areas of expertise include Visual Design, Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Brand & Product Development, and User Experience for web & broadcast media, applications, and consumer products.

A strong believer in the power of collaboration and cross-pollination of creative ideas, he built Bespoke Watch Projects to offer equal parts Design, Product, and Service—with the customer being the paramount collaborator.




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