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Founder Paul Voge, Madeleine Voge
Headquarters San Francisco
Press Contact Paul Voge


Aura Bora is a sparkling water made from herbs, fruits, and flowers for earthly tastes and heavenly feelings. Aura Bora uses real herbal extracts, vivid flavors, and floral aromas for a a flavor profile unlike any other. Using high-quality, plant-based ingredients and real herbal extracts in every can makes for a clean label and a remarkably light, refreshing, and vibrant taste. Every colorful variety is sugar-free, calorie-free, non-GMO, Whole30 approved, and donates a portion of sales to 1% for the Planet.

Aura Bora was founded in San Francisco, CA by Paul and Madeleine Voge in early 2000. The 26-year-old couple started experimenting in their kitchen with a home carbonator and crushed herbs to make a better tasting, better feeling sparkling water with wild herbal ingredients. Since launching, Aura Bora has exploded, with no signs of stopping. They have seen unprecedented growth — from the shelves of one store in January 2020 to 700 retailers around the country including Whole Foods, Walmart, and Thrive Market. They have been featured in Forbes, selected as a semi-finalist in BEVnet's New Beverage Showdown, completed SKU (a competitive CPG accelerator in Austin, Texas), and ranked as the fastest selling beverage on Thrive Market. 

Founding Story

One day in the summer of 2019, Paul and Madeleine Voge were bemoaning the underwhelming, bland sparkling water brands on the market. It was hard to find options with unique flavor profiles and ingredients beyond the typical lemon or grapefruit. So together, they created the very first batch of herbal sparkling water in their kitchen with peppermint oil, crushed basil leaves, dried lavender and rose petals, and a home carbonator. 

And so Aura Bora was born. They created five delicious varieties using wild, plant-based concoctions. It's a whimsical, sugar-free, calorie-free drink with playful packaging and a partnership with 1% for the Planet.


Aura Bora Variety Pack (12x)
Aura Bora Variety Pack (12x) $30.00
Cactus Rose
Cactus Rose $1.99
Lavender Cucumber
Lavender Cucumber $1.99
Lemongrass Coconut
Lemongrass Coconut $1.99

Team Bios

Paul Voge Bio Image

Paul Voge

Cofounder / CEO

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Paul has been starting businesses since he was a kid, from elementary school baseball card auctioneering to a friendly neighborhood Christmas tree lot. After graduating from UCLA, Paul joined Saturn Five, a venture fund that launches, builds, and grows companies. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, Madeleine, and works full-time on Aura Bora, handling all business operations from strategy and fundraising to sales and growth. Growing up in a soda-free home, Paul was on an endless search for healthy and unique sparkling alternatives, and he finally found one.

Madeleine Voge Bio Image

Madeleine Voge

Cofounder / Creative Director

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Madeleine has built a career in the creative space as a copywriter, art director, and brand strategist. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Madeleine works full-time as a creative copywriter, but spends her weekends and off hours as the creative director for Aura Bora — collaborating with designers, developers, photographers, and other creatives to build the whimsical world that is Aura Bora. She draws inspiration from her love of nature, sustainability, and haikus to bring Aura Bora to life. You’ll find a plant-inspired haiku on the back of every can.


Whole Foods
Moda Operandi
Bristol Farms
Thrive Market


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