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Date Established 10/2023
Founder Carrie Purcell / Ghafoor Masood / Joe Marckx
Nonprofit & Social Impact
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Joe Marckx


AudioLife has a vision of an inclusive world, where everyone’s story is worth telling.

AudioLife has built a platform that is designed to make the process of creating a personal legacy both enjoyable and fulfilling.

AudioLife's mission is to capture your story in your voice for generations to come.

Founding Story

Like so many people, the three founders of AudioLife Memoirs have personally experienced the loss of a loved one without having the opportunity to learn their full life story. They wanted to remove the regret of not capturing the stories, wisdom, and values of family members. AudioLife memoirs are designed to be easy and fun to record, allowing individuals to create a legacy and preserve their loved one's voice.

Carrie, Ghafoor, and Joe all met while in an Executive MBA program and AudioLife Memoirs is the product of their collective capstone project.

We believe in the magic of the voice describing memories.

We believe in the ability of storytelling to connect people.

We believe in the power of shared insights.

We believe that legacy is priceless.


Memoir: Biography
Memoir: Biography $249.00
Storytelling: Favorite Memories
Storytelling: Favorite Memories $249.00
Wisdom: Life Philosophy
Wisdom: Life Philosophy $249.00

Team Bios


Carrie Purcell


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Carrie is a 4x Founder building and exiting some of the most innovative companies in the metaverse. Her devotion to storytelling and worldbuilding is evident throughout her 17 year professional career in digital publishing, EdTech, the metaverse, and more recently as a Podcast Host. She has been awarded ‘Best Company’, ‘Outstanding Leadership’, and ‘Top Visionary’ awards as an entrepreneur. But today, she is interested in preserving the stories of those around her, amazing entrepreneurs and business leaders in cutting edge technology whom she is privileged to interview in her monthly segment The MetaVersed, and most importantly, her own family.

As we get older and the generations before us pass on, we start to question how they lived their lives, search for those details from our own histories and experience a longing to ask the questions we didn’t have a chance to. Carrie’s brainchild, Audio Life, proactively collects and preserves those stories and memories, and powerfully shares them through the voices of our own loved ones. Carrie leads as CEO and invites you to join the story at Audio 


Ghafoor Masood


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Ghafoor Masood is a forward-thinking Technology and Operations Leader with 15 years of proven excellence in the Information Technology sector. He possesses a diversified skill set having worked in a multitude of roles across Engineering, Solution Architecture, Product/Program Management and Corporate Strategy roles. He also brings a wealth of customer-facing experience having been deployed in 50+ countries with clients such as AT&T, Google, Amazon, and Verizon.

He is also a multiple start-up founder and entrepreneur, having successfully launched his own consulting firm and CPG brand in the dessert category, growing each enterprise to seven-figure revenues. He understands what is required to launch enterprise ready solutions, and his experience in managing mission critical projects and leading cross-functional teams will be a great asset in taking Audio Life to market and scaling globally. 


Joe Marckx


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Joe Marckx is an entrepreneur and marketing leader with extensive experience in building global brands. He has spent his career developing business in international markets for youth culture brands with a focus on B2C marketing and business development. He is the CEO of Digital Union Marketing, a full-service agency he founded.

While he has a diverse skill set, his passion lies in branding and digital strategy, and the mission of Audio Life speaks to him personally as an identified member of our target audience. Joe, his older brother, and his father were three of the very first Audio Life interviews ever recorded. 



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