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Date Established 08/2019
Founder Heather & Jen
Headquarters New York
Press Contact Heather Jiang


Allégorie provides luxury and stylish bags and accessories, ethically crafted from sustainable materials including fruits, cacti and other bio-based materials. They are pushing the boundaries of sustainable fashion while solving the food waste problem proudly knowing that each Allégorie piece is a small step to reduce food waste and build a sustainable future.

Allégorie’s eco-friendly collections upcycle discarded fruits and plants, collected from grocery stores and juice factories, and transform them into stylish lifewear while ensuring health and fairness for all workers involved. Allégorie’s signature Gala Collection is crafted from apple peels recycled from apple juice factories and each Gala Card Holder upcycles about 25 apples.

Allégorie is proudly owned and managed by minority, female entrepreneurs and celebrates women empowerment and diversity in every aspect of life.

Founding Story

Founded in 2019 and inspired by the strong women in their lives, Allégorie was created not only to produce sustainable handbags, but make a difference in the world. Their goal has been to inspire others - men and women, to join in on this mission for a more sustainable future.

With a background in Corporate America, the Allégorie team knows what working professionals need to be successful while on the go—function, style, and high-quality.

Each bag is crafted with the busy consumer in mind. 


Gala Puzzle Cardholder
Gala Puzzle Cardholder $86.00
Black Gala Cruiser
Black Gala Cruiser $575.00
Black Gala Backpack
Black Gala Backpack $575.00
Black Gala Bifold Cardholder
Black Gala Bifold Cardholder $78.00
Brown Gala Tech Folio Bag
Brown Gala Tech Folio Bag $345.00
Black Gala Everyday Crossbody Bag
Black Gala Everyday Crossbody Bag $285.00
Gala Clutch
Gala Clutch $265.00
Gala Bifold wallet
Gala Bifold wallet $165.00
Gala Long Wallet
Gala Long Wallet $198.00
Gala Camera Crossbody Bag
Gala Camera Crossbody Bag $285.00



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