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Elegance meets performance: Redefining modern resort apparel


Date Established 03/2022
Founder Allison Putnam
Headquarters Cleveland
E-commerce & Retail
Press Contact Allison Putnam


A. Putnam is a modern resort brand dedicated to providing women with multi-functional, ready-to-wear garments for performance on and off the golf course. The brand is focused on evolving apparel for women that complement the modern resort aesthetic while being suitable for the golf course. Their clothing is easy to care for, packable, and transitions seamlessly from play to social events. With a mission to empower women globally through versatile apparel, A. Putnam fosters confidence and community in all aspects of activity. The brand values ethically made goods, versatile and timeless pieces, and quality materials that perform. All A. Putnam garments are 100% ethically made, incorporating socially conscious materials.

Founding Story

A. Putnam was created out of my desire to provide women with polished, sophisticated lifestyle pieces that perform – from resort to sport.

Our goal is to give you timeless options that fit your life, so you can move confidently from brunch, to the course, to the club, without sacrificing style or comfort. The A. Putnam collections also honor the tradition of golf with subtle details and features that bring a modern touch to classic looks.

Women's clothing has evolved to meet a need for transition pieces that look great at the resort but also function in life and sport. I saw an opportunity to create an athstyle brand and empower women with comfortable, versatile performance apparel that works on the course without sacrificing luxury and style. While I’m an entrepreneur at heart, I’m also a busy mom of five boys, so I appreciate garments that can flex with my day. A. Putnam is my way of helping women achieve that flexibility.

I’m so excited to bring you our collection of minimalist styles that make a maximum impact. These timeless pieces offer classic, yet modern, silhouettes for an effortlessly elegant look, and feature performance fabrics and subtle design details – all intended to move seamlessly with you from resort to sport.

I hope to make your life – and game – a little bit easier and full of joy!

~ Ali Putnam


Santosa Hat
Santosa Hat $49.00
Santosa Pant
Santosa Pant $160.00
Santosa Crew
Santosa Crew $145.00
Cropped Polo
Cropped Polo $135.00
Tulip Short
Tulip Short $139.00
Santosa Crew
Santosa Crew $145.00
Rev-Pack Anorak
Rev-Pack Anorak $235.00
Short Sleeve Bodysuit
Short Sleeve Bodysuit $130.00
Sleeveless Keyhole Top
Sleeveless Keyhole Top $130.00
Wrap Skort - Fall Edition
Wrap Skort - Fall Edition $149.50
Reversible Quilted Vest
Reversible Quilted Vest $220.00
Long Sleeve Keyhole Top
Long Sleeve Keyhole Top $145.00
Wrap Dress
Wrap Dress $230.50
Cropped Polo Self Collar
Cropped Polo Self Collar $135.00
Pocket Tee
Pocket Tee $69.50
Sleeveless Keyhole Top
Sleeveless Keyhole Top $130.00
Classic Button Up
Classic Button Up $198.00
Wrap Skort
Wrap Skort $149.50
Button Up
Button Up $198.00
Wrap Dress
Wrap Dress $230.50
Biker Shorts
Biker Shorts $69.50
Tulip Pocket Tee
Tulip Pocket Tee $69.50
Washable Cashmere V-Neck Sweater
Washable Cashmere V-Neck Sweater $170.00
Tulip Pant
Tulip Pant $149.00
Travel Blazer
Travel Blazer $350.00
Sleeveless Keyhole Top.
Sleeveless Keyhole Top. $130.00
On Fire Dress.
On Fire Dress. $255.00





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