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9 Tips To Increase Your Media Exposure on Press Hook
February 22nd, 2023
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By: Paige Garrett

Doing what you can to increase your media exposure on Press Hook is often top-of-mind. After all, media exposure and the potential for earned media coverage is why you joined the platform in the first place. You want to maximize your experience, so you’ve set yourself up on the platform, filled out your profile, and are now ready for media opportunities, sample requests, and beyond. Is there anything you can proactively do to make things run as smoothly as possible? 

To help make the most of your experience on our platform, we chatted with our top account managers to get their best insider tips on increasing your media exposure and gaining traction while on Press Hook. 

1. Don’t overlook your images

"To get journalists to view your brand profile on Press Hook, I'd advise having evergreen, high-resolution product imagery on your page for the media to download,” Savanah Modesitt, premium account manager, said.

A mix of lifestyle images and product shots will set you up well for a wide variety of editorial opportunities.

2. Keep your profile updated

Always ensure your product descriptions, images, retailers, and other relevant info is up to date. Journalists frequently use Press Hook’s filter feature to narrow down specifics for certain articles, and if your profile is as up to date as possible, you won’t be looked over. 


3. Don’t immediately disregard small outlets

It might be tempting to ignore requests coming from smaller websites, regional publications, or local outlets in favor of landing a placement in a bigger-name publication, but doing so isn’t always the best idea.

“... [S]end out as many samples as you can, even if it's a writer at a smaller publication,” Hailey Hinton, premium account manager, said. “For all you know, they may be the editor at the Wall Street Journal tomorrow!” 

4. Pitch reactively

“​​One way to increase your media exposure is by responding to journalists' needs through reactive pitching from things like HARO (Help A Reporter Out),” Brody Gaultney, former premium home goods account manager, said. “With platforms that compile requests like that, sources like yourself can answer their queries if it’s a relevant fit, increasing your chance of securing media coverage.” 

5. Put a spotlight on your experts

“In addition, having an expert highlighted on your page that you regularly work with—like a dietitian or style expert—is a great tool to get a journalist in a conversation about your brand and more likely to ask for commentary to include in a feature," Modesitt said. 

Even if you’re not an expert-forward brand, if you work with any experts, adding them to your brand profile and to the Press Hook Expert Database can be a different angle when it comes to trying to catch a journalist’s attention.


6. Tap into different audiences

“Consider everyone who may be interested in your product and ask yourself what are they reading? Where are they shopping? What topics do they care about or want more of in their life? From there you can reach a vaster population by tapping into what they actually care about. This will also help you tailor your pitches to target media by helping them give their reader's stories that will interest them and (hopefully!) increase the impressions on their stories,” Erinn O’Connor, former premium home goods account manager, said.

7. Use Press Hook’s newsy features to your advantage

“My second tip to increase your media exposure/traction on Press Hook would be to be timely when it comes to new launches, partnerships, or collabs,” Hinton added. “The sooner we [the account managers] know, the better.”

Ensuring a clear flow of communication and plans for launches goes a long way. As soon as we have the proper information, we can start sending it out to journalists, and the sooner opportunities will arrive in your inbox. Even if you’re not working with an account manager, share the news in the Press Hook Community Forum, on your brand profile, through a press release, or even just send it over to the team by email.

8. Trust your product

“Work to get your product in the hands of media members who will become obsessed with it,” O’Connor added. “If you can get them to love a product as much as you do, repeat coverage is definitely a possibility!”


9. Utilize affiliate programs

It’s becoming more and more common for publications to prioritize affiliate programs and the brands who use them for inclusion in articles. Make sure that if you are in any affiliate programs (ShareASale, Amazon, Skimlinks, Shopify, etc.), these are clearly listed and updated on your brand profile so that journalists looking for them can quickly spot them. Sometimes it can make all the difference.

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