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Profile Guidelines
January 1st, 2021
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Please follow the below guidelines when compiling your brand profile.

This should be a brief, 35-character description of your brand and products.

Logo images need to have a minimum of 144 x 144 px. A square image is recommended for best fit within the logo slot.

Cover Image:
The cover image is important because it’s the first thing journalists see when they view your profile. It should be a landscape photo with at least 1056 (height) x 2688 (width) pixels dimensions. The photo should be more of a lifestyle aesthetic that embodies your brand, making sure that you don’t have any logos or brand names on it.

An overview of the brand, 1-2 paragraphs. This is where you can include your brand mission and key business initiatives [ex: sustainability practices, give-back partnerships]. No need to put any info about products here, since the product section will detail all of that info. *This should all be written in third person*

Founding Story:
What led you to start your business? This is where you would include any personal struggle, the "ah-ha" moment, and/or the inspiration behind your brand. *This should all be written in third person*

Founders or key personnel only. Educational background, past work experience, personal details (ie personal awards, where you currently live, family life). *This should all be written in third person*

Press Hits:
Feel free to upload any past press your brand has received to give the media an idea of the coverage you’ve received.

This section should be dedicated solely to experts or reviewers well-known to the media or the general public (i.e. notable influencers, celebrities, TV personalities, etc.), or people with high credibility like doctors, nutritionists, etc. Please do not include reviews from customers.

Please select all major retailers where your products are sold.

If your brand uses an affiliate program, please select that here.

These are going to be really important, as they’re how editors will find your brand for specific topics like “female founded,” “small business,” etc. Take your time going through them to make sure you include all those that relate to your brand. If there’s one relevant to your brand that isn’t outlined here, please reach out to your brand contact to have it added.

It’s good to showcase a variety of hi-res imagery here for journalists to choose from and download for their stories. Best practices would be to upload a combination of lifestyle and product shots, lifestyle shots being the more fun/Instagram-aesthetic photos in an ‘on-brand’ setting and product shots being photos of the product with a white/solid or transparent background. Gallery image specs are: 1318 x 1434.

: Choose your 4-6 best-selling products, newest launches, or products you’d like to showcase to the media. Your audience here are journalists, not consumers. So share what the product is and what it does, and let the journalists write the creative copy around why people should buy it. Product images should be simple, clean, hi-res and have a white background if possible. Product image specs are: 1318 x 1434. *This should all be written in third person*

Product Tags:
Like the business tags, these product tags make your products more discoverable to the media. Here you can select all tags relevant to each individual product. If there are tags relevant to your brand/product that you don’t see here please let us know and we can consider adding.