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Find the Sources You Need With Press Hook’s Media Source Request Feature
March 1st, 2023
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Finding the sources you need to write your story is a critical part of the journalistic process. Though, of course, you can find sourcing in a lot of different places, tools that make finding the right source when you need it (especially when you’re short on time) can transform the way you work. Press Hook’s media source request feature, a brand-new feature from the innovative media relations platform, is designed to streamline things even further.

Media users can quickly and easily pop onto the platform to input a source request for products, experts, or brands, and receive immediate suggestions for content on the platform that might be a good fit for the story on which they’re working while waiting for brands and publicists to pitch over additional ideas. 

This factor alone allows journalists to keep working away on their story. Interact with the suggestions using the thumbs up and down buttons to help the Press Hook team further refine the feature, making the suggestions better and more targeted in the future. Plus, in an effort to make sure that journalists requesting sources are receiving useful and relevant information in response, brands, publicists, and experts will see a green banner message telling them they’re a good fit if their profile fits what the requester is looking for, and a red banner message asking if they’re sure they want to submit a response if their profile doesn’t seem to fit what’s requested.

Not only will journalists be able to review and filter their requests and responses on the platform, but they’ll also receive emails when they receive a pitch from a brand, publicist, or expert who believes they may be a good fit for the story, which means even if the journalist making the request hasn’t had time to check in on the request on the platform today, they’ll still get the information they need in order to move forward with their work.

To submit a source request on Press Hook, all a journalist needs to do is:

  1. Log in to your Press Hook account.
  2. Set a deadline.
  3. Give a brief description of what you need.
  4. Submit your request.
  5. Scroll through the automated suggestions and interact by giving them a thumbs up or down or saving them to come back to later.

Journalists will be able to filter their set of requests to see what’s currently active and available for submissions on the platform, their archived requests, and more, keeping everything organized within easy reach, should they need to go back to something later on.

The new Media Source Request feature is another way that Press Hook is working to meet its commitment to streamline journalists’ and publicists’ workflow and forge connections between brands and media. Not yet on Press Hook, but interested in learning more about how you can use the platform to find the sources you need for your stories? Sign up here.

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