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Maximizing Press: It's What You Do with It
March 1st, 2024
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Ultimately, the value of press lies both in acquiring it, and then how you strategically leverage it.

How and where to communicate these wins to customers and stakeholders:

  1. Update Sales / Partnership / Marketing decks
  2. Include in Investor Updates and Materials
  3. Showcase Credibility and Buzz on Your Website
    1. Create a banner to show recent press
    2. Ensure that press features are highlighted on the first page of website
    3. Update your website’s Press Page and Company Press Kit
  4. Showcase Press Across Your Social Channels
    1. Press bubbles
    2. Organic content
    3. Reels
    4. Remember to tag the journalist and publication
  5. Utilize Press Features in Advertising Creative
    1. Read best practices here
  6. New Content for Email campaigns
    1. Email campaigns for lead generation
    2. Email campaigns to show press coverage to current customers (engagement/retention)

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at 11.51.42 AM

Educating yourself on best practices to measure and maximize the ROI of PR, will multiply the value tenfold as you begin to track baselines versus future outcomes. The rewards and benefits to a brand’s growth are endless and there will be no doubt that business objectives must align with PR strategies to hit goals.

In 2024, PR will become not just a cost center but a strategic investment in a company’s success.