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How To Make the Most of a Press Hit
February 10th, 2023
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Landing earned media is an exciting feat. You broke through all of the noise, grabbed journalists’ attention, and piqued their interest. Maybe they requested a sample and tested it themselves, maybe they reached out to you to discuss things further, or maybe it was all a total surprise. Regardless of how the logistics panned out, a press hit is something to celebrate.

If your brand has a presence on Press Hook, you should receive an email notification letting you know which outlet covered your brand, but then, the next steps are up to you. But, of course, if you're not yet on Press Hook, you may have received the hit via email from the journalist who covered you, gotten a social media notification alerting you that the outlet tagged you in a post promoting the piece, or simply found the press hit yourself.

Regardless, you shouldn't let the opportunity presented pass you by. Here, a few ways to maximize your press hits:

Post about it on social media

Share screenshots of your press hits on your social channels and tag the writer and outlet (maybe they’ll repost!). Getting the word out there and shouting your big wins can attract more eyeballs, which is, after all, what you want.

Add them to your website

Whether you have a formal “press” section on your website or you just have a small “as seen on” section with outlets listed, making sure to update your site when you land new coverage is essential. Don’t overlook the difference it can make!

Add them to your Press Hook profile

We love to showcase press hits on brands’ profiles. If you have a brand profile on Press Hook, make sure that your latest coverage has been added to your profile, whether secured through Press Hook or not. Show the media how press-worthy their colleagues think your brand is.

Repost Press Hook’s Instagram Stories

Press Hook periodically shares press hits on our Instagram Stories. If you're on the platform and we’ve shared yours, repost them on your Stories as well. Your audience wants to see it!

Share the news in your newsletter

Press hits are a big deal! Shout them far and wide so those keeping an eye on your brand are always in the loop. Use them to promote a product or the brand overall.

Consider using your press hits to develop paid ad content

If you’re running paid social ads, you’re likely always looking for more content. Consider using your press hits as inspiration and work to create ads that pack a punch. You could even attach a promo code, encouraging those who see it to make a purchase according to what was featured in the press hit.

Want to hear more about how Press Hook can help you earn more media coverage (and them promote those hits)? Book a call with our team today.