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How Publicists Can Use Press Hook to Grow Their Agency
February 3rd, 2022
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In today’s digital age, good PR strategies are more important than ever before. So many brands and products are constantly being promoted through social media and pop-up ads. Finding a way to stand out among the crowded noise is daunting.

But it’s not just standing out that’s important. With mounting responsibilities for publicists along with communication being more vital than ever, the old way to pitch journalists is just downright outdated and cumbersome. 

That’s why when publicists learn how to use Press Hook, they know that our streamlined pitching process will help them grow their agency without any added stress.

Here are the tools all publicists need to harness good and effective PR strategies.

Utilize a database with searchable tags

Making sure your clients stand out starts with creating their profile on Press Hook's easy-to-search online platform. This gathers all the materials media need in one easy, streamlined place that far outshines the old-school press kit PDFs.

Use targeted industry tags that align with your brands and clients to help relevant journalists find what they need for each and every story, whether a feature, shopping round-up, or quick coverage of a trending topic.

You’ll remain the first point of contact for anyone interested in the brands with which you’re working. Press Hook is here to provide the space to make the connection.

Enjoy an easy-to-find bio section

Every brand has a story, so make sure the beginning is easy to find. Journalists don’t want to go on a scavenger hunt digging for who your brand’s founder is and how they came up with their amazing product concept. 

The bio section is where your brand’s story shines. Introduce your product or brand your way by featuring your founder and explaining the origin story in a way that adds a personal connection. 

Provide an organized and comprehensive overview

Press kits are part of traditional and essential PR strategies, but they can also add to email clutter. Not only that, but PDFs can be hard to search. Streamlining your pitch involves not only making everything easily accessible all in one place, but also easy to scan and digest for the busy journalist weeding through hundreds of pitches.

Organize your essential information in a chart that’s easy to access and even easier to read. List everything from the date established to where the headquarters are located along with the brand website link and, of course, the press contact. 

High-resolution image gallery

Quality photos are essential for any product or brand you’re pitching. But between the back and forth between emailing them to a journalist only to have them caught in a spam folder, not sent due to an error, or getting lost on mini flash drives, the hi-res photo delivery dance can be a major headache and stressor for publicists. 

This is why a downloadable database journalists can use themselves is so important to elevate your PR strategies to the next level. 

Showcase your product with gorgeous, downloadable hi-res images made available to journalists eager to feature your brand in their next gift guide or article. No more constant emailing of images and worrying it’ll get caught by a spam blocker. 

Journalists can gain access to what they need simply by browsing your gallery and downloading it themselves without ever having to bother you for more. It’s as simple as a quick click of their mouse.

Share authentic testimonials

It’s one thing to have an intriguing product. It’s another to have the buzz to back it up. Collecting and showcasing testimonials from real customers can send your pitch over the edge. 

Featuring your best customer testimonials is a fantastic feature you’ll discover when you learn how to use Press Hook

Journalists will not only see how much people love your product or brand, but they’ll be able to grab the extra quotes they need for their articles without having to contact you more than they need to.

Testimonials have always been a part of good PR strategies, but featuring everything all in one place is how you take yours to the next level.

Don’t forget about affiliates and retailers

Of course, you’re on top of the details, but sometimes in a rush, journalists can’t seem to find the one line about affiliate programs or specific retailers in the press kits. And so, they send yet another email for you to answer.

Solve the back and forth with a section of your brand’s profile completely dedicated to highlighting affiliates and retailers in a way that stands out and is easy to search online. 

This easy-to-find listing will ensure journalists know where to find your product and what affiliate programs are used—a helpful tidbit for those times when writers are asked to look for products featured on specific sites like Amazon only. 

Simplify your ability to update

Sometimes the best PR strategies are just how to maximize your time. Constantly having to update documents and PDFs or emailing a million contacts can be exhausting, especially when you have so much on your to-do list. 

Once you learn how to use Press Hook to streamline your pitching process, you have the ability to add new products at any time, continually updating your "pitch" with new items. Plus, you can post updates and announcements straight to your brand’s profile to keep all critical media contacts in the know.

No more needing to update a million files and rename PDFs in dated codes that get lost in your computer. The best PR strategies help you to work smarter and not harder.

Get featured in guides created just for journalists

Learning how to use Press Hook to streamline the pitching process will also set you up with your new secret weapon: the guides right on the site. Being featured in specially curated guides geared toward the journalists you want your brand or products to be in front of is a whole new ball game. 

If a journalist is searching for specific topics like home office decor or toddler mealtime tools—you can be sure that your brands will pop up just when they're looking to see them.

It’s just another way to get in front of the people you need to be seen by most. And with Press Hook, it couldn’t get any easier than this.

PR strategies are getting a modern upgrade

Want to learn more about how to streamline your pitching process with modern and revolutionary PR strategies? Press Hook's tools and features can improve your coverage while helping solve some of your common PR pain points. Reach out to learn how to use Press Hook by utilizing our unique brand profiles and online platform.