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This Free PR Tool Is Your New Secret Weapon
December 9th, 2022
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Press releases are a necessary asset for brands and organizations, but there can be a bit of a learning curve as to how to write them. And even if you do have experience writing press releases, they can take an awful lot of time to pull together from scratch. While you may not need a formal press release for every message you put out there, when you do need one (for announcing an event or launch, sharing funding, hiring, or expansion news, and more), you really, really need one.

A new tool stands ready to do all of the heavy lifting associated with press release writing. Launched on Dec. 8, the Press Release Generator from media relations platform Press Hook allows any entrepreneur, PR pro, or marketer to quickly and painlessly craft a press release with little effort required.

A free tool for marketers

This free marketing tool uses AI technology to transform essential information like your brand’s name, your news, a short description of what you do and what’s happening, a quote, and more into an editable press release. Changing a phrase or reordering paragraphs requires simple text editing, saving you all kinds of time.

For those without PR and marketing experience, tools such as this one can make a real difference in terms of leveling the playing field without expending a ton of money in the process. But seasoned professionals also stand to benefit from AI innovation.

Marketers and publicists will now be able to spend less time on the nitty gritty of writing a press release and more time doing the high-level things that can lead to major results for their clients. All they’ll need to do is give their press release a once over and add any extra details or style that they feel may be missing. Then, it’s ready to be distributed to the press. 

AI tools in action

To announce the launch of the generator, Press Hook put it to work, building a press release about the project.

“We are confident that this new feature will be a game-changer for small businesses,” Michelle Songy, founder of Press Hook, said. “With GPT-3, we can help small businesses generate professional-quality press releases that can help them attract media attention, generate leads, and build their brand. We believe that this new feature is an essential tool for any small business looking to promote their products, services, or achievements.”

Will AI tools like this new AI press release writer continue to innovate in the PR and small business spaces? It’s likely that even more of them will arrive on the scene over the next few years, potentially permanently changing the game for these industries and resulting in a real improvement in workflow and scheduling.

Press Hook’s Press Release Generator is ahead of the game.

Ready to distribute your press release, but aren’t sure where to start? Find out how Press Hook can help you connect with leading writers in your industry and track your success, all on the platform. Schedule a demo with the Press Hook team here to learn more.