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Introducing the Press Hook Community Forum
January 7th, 2022
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Whether you need help finding expert sources, want to learn about new-to-you brands, or need to get clients featured in articles, on podcasts, or on TV, relationships between journalists and PR pros can be vital for both sides. Press Hook was founded to help facilitate these connections. To kick off a brand-new year, Press Hook is launching the Press Hook Community Forum to allow media users, brands, PR professionals, and the Press Hook team themselves to interact, engage with one another, and work together in real-time right on the site. Launching on Monday, Jan. 10, the forum will house conversations about industry news, brand collaborations, media moves, job listings, and more. Press Hook hopes that the forum will help the community move conversations forward and serve all of the users on the site, whether media, brands, or PR pros.

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Here, the community guidelines for this new feature:

  • Refrain from spamming or product/brand promotion—we want to keep the Forum useful and engaging for all members.
  • Do not use the Forum for sales (products, skills, services). 
  • Keep language and conversation respectful and appropriate at all times—we will not tolerate harassment, hate, or offensive messages.
  • We will not share members’ contact information, but if you feel comfortable sharing your email address or phone number, please feel free to do so. PLEASE NOTE: If you do choose to share personal information, it will be visible to all users. 
  • Be specific and upfront about inquiries and fees, etc. Not mentioning them in advance can result in warnings and removal from the Forum.
  • Please do not share examples of recent coverage, press releases, etc so as not to clog up the thread. Feel free to briefly share new updates if they’re relevant to the conversation!
  • Please do not add other members to contact lists, groups, etc without their permission.
  • Sensitive content will not be tolerated. This includes nudity, violence, and the like.