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Coffee Chat with Nadine Bubeck, Travel & Lifestyle Writer
May 23rd, 2022
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Nadine Bubeck describes herself as “a former TV news anchor turned all things mama.” After nearly 10 years as a reporter/anchor in California and Arizona, Nadine embraced motherhood and pivoted her career to focus on being a contributing travel, lifestyle, and parenting writer across multiple media outlets. She’s also a children's book author. A mom to three boys, Nadine founded Take The Trip Family, her travel-based outlet inspiring and encouraging families to take the trip. She is also a regular contributor to numerous print and digital platforms including the Today Show Parenting Team, NewsBreak, City Lifestyle, Medium, Scottsdale Lifestyle Magazine, Paradise Valley Lifestyle Magazine, North Phoenix News, The Scottsdale Standard, Epic Kids Magazine, and more. 

Nadine hosts #takemetherethursday, a travel series via the national Instagram platform of City Lifestyle Publications Group that showcases her passion for travel. She still works on TV as an on-air contributor for numerous stations (local and /national) and on the side is launching a new program geared toward instilling in kids the courage and confidence to be strong public speakers. Here, Nadine shares how she comes up with story ideas, what her daily routine looks like, and what catches her eye.

This interview has been lightly edited for clarity.

Tell me about your day-to-day routine.

Ha! That's a loaded question. I have three boys and a busy mind—there are never enough hours in a day! 

Weekdays are full of waking early, making three different breakfasts and three different lunches—each of my boys has a different taste preference. After getting them ready for school and bidding them farewell, I have quality time with my laptop, sometimes not getting up for a few hours straight. I attend to work emails (I also have a WAHM job) and then start tackling my daily to-do list. I write the many stories I have in queue, whether they be travel features for print or round-up editorials for digital. Then, I dedicate an hour to attending to my personal creative projects. Currently, it's designing the website for Gift of Gab Kids. Amidst typing comfortably on my couch, I'll break for a green tea (I don't drink coffee) and a piece of cheese. And then it's back to my computer until preschool pickup time.

After getting my youngest from preschool, we often run errands to the grocery or go for a walk. Somehow, I squeeze in folding a few shirts in my ever-growing laundry pile and emptying the dishwasher. By 3 p.m., I'm heading over for the second round of school pick-up to get my older two from first and second grade.

Every afternoon is different, as I shuffle my boys from chess, baseball, flag football, soccer, basketball, rock climbing, piano, tee-ball, art class, etc... whatever the seasonal schedule may be. Most of the time, I've half-prepared dinner for the evening—thank goodness we can all agree on Taco Tuesday! After homework, hangout time, and showers, we read books and do the bedtime routine.

After that, I finally sit down (this is often paired with a glass of red wine). If I'm not half-asleep, I'll finish up the day's tasks on my computer and plan for the day ahead. Maybe my husband and I will finish a complete episode of the minimal shows we watch, but mostly, I pass out.

How many stories do you work on in a month? How do you keep yourself organized?

Stories per month vary depending on assignment and deadline, but on average, I would say I turn in [about] 10 pieces for a variety of platforms. Writing is my ultimate passion, so I really don't consider it work, as cliché as it sounds.

I wish I was more organized, but for the most part, I'm old school. I keep a pad of paper by my laptop and track a daily to-do list. I try to make it on Sunday nights for the week ahead, but it grows throughout the week. I love the gratification of crossing something off as well. In addition, I send myself scheduled emails/invites/texts for pressing reminders or deadlines. As silly as that sounds, it helps.

How do you find sources/products? 

My background is in news. I'm a digger at heart. I know how to research and consider myself pretty savvy when it comes to due diligence. I do a lot of Googling on researching products I want to feature or places I want to spotlight. I also source ideas on social media—particularly Instagram. As a teen, I always read YM or Cosmo. Nowadays, Insta has become the "modern magazine," and I often refer to it for story features. (Please give me a follow @mamaandmyboys!)

What stands out to you in a pitch from a publicist? The good? The bad? 

I prefer direct pitches—short and sweet. While catchy subject lines are enticing, it's fine to keep things direct. I also prefer links within the pitch, as I like the convenience of doing my own research (and seeing if the pitch is a fit).  

How do you come up with story ideas?

That's the fun part! 

I write on various topics. Some are assigned and specified, and others are enterprised. I do a number of round-up/review pieces often tied to seasonal or holidays (think Mother's Day, summer fashion, etc); I also strategically plan my travel features and seek unique destinations for families. 

What's the hardest part of your job? What's the best part?

The hardest part is the 24/7, but that's also the best part. I love the ongoing formulation of stories and the creativity behind them. 

What advice would you give to a publicist to catch your attention?

Don't get too wordy. Sometimes a few to-the-point sentences with a link is all a pitch needs to be picked up.