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How To Build Your Online Persona & Business Through Press Hook
March 17th, 2022
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It can be challenging to stand out among the crowded market of products bombarding consumers every day. Internet users alone are estimated to be exposed to upwards of 11,250 ads a month. At some point, it’s easy for ads and products to become lost in the noise. 

That’s why branding is so essential to build your business. Understanding your online persona and projecting it out to the world authentically and organically can lead to exponential growth. But where do you start?

That is where Press Hook comes in. The revolutionary platform has been connecting businesses and publicists to established journalists for organic PR in unique ways—and it is so simple to use.

Here is how to get started reaping Press Hook benefits right away while you build your business and online persona:

Step 1: Create a Brand Profile

Research shows that first impressions are everything. Making a good impression with your brand online is vital as you build your business.

When developing your brand’s online presence, getting lost is easy. There’s so much to consider, from the look and feel to how the right information and messaging is distributed to the right people. When you sign up to receive Press Hook benefits, you’ll enjoy the use of easy-to-understand guided templates that walk you through the whole process. Not only will you establish a profile for your business, but you’ll also create an amazingly useful digital press kit for your brand.

You’ll also receive access to a team of experts who will review your profile to ensure you’re on the right track to building your business. Press Hook experts will ensure your press kit is media-friendly, ready to use, and that all the correct tags are in their proper place.

Step 2: Let The Press Hook Benefits Work Their Magic

After you’re done making your brand profile, the Press Hook platform essentially does the rest of the work for you while you go back to what you do best: building your business on your end.

The unique tags put in place during the profile set-up process will make your brand appear in search results for journalists and match your business to newsworthy topics and trends.

So while you’re hard at work, you’ll enjoy Press Hook benefits of continuously being pitched for press opportunities through your inclusion in curated guides and targeted explicitly to industry-specific writers.

Then, when writers consider your brand for a story, they’ll have everything they need at their fingertips, thanks to your profile and digital press kit. These journalism professionals can request a product for review, ask a question, or coordinate an interview with you all within Press Hook’s in-platform sample request and messaging system.

Getting quality PR coverage is essential to build your business. Studies show that having organic exposure to your products in media articles vs. online ads is more effective. 

One survey found that 81 percent of consumers surveyed said that they need to trust the brand to buy from them. One of the best ways to gain consumer trust is to have reputable sources review and mention your products. If a reader puts their trust in a news source and sees your product there, they may be more likely to trust your brand as well.  

Step 3: Enjoy The Press Hook Benefits

There are several benefits you’ll enjoy as a brand-building your business with Press Hook—and most of them happen without you giving it a second thought. Here’s just a glimpse of the Press Hook benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • A live PR tracker
  • Organized media link tracking
  • Access to a team of PR experts in your corner
  • Easy communication with the Press Hook team

Live PR Tracker

As you continue to build your business with Press Hook, you’ll get access to the live PR tracker. At any point, you can watch the Press Hook benefits at work. With a click of a button, you’ll be able to view the live status of articles you're being considered for and editor feedback all in one easy-to-use and convenient place.

Organized media link tracking

You’ll never feel the stress of trying to keep up with your media contacts and exposures. Another one of Press Hook's benefits is that each time your brand gets a press hit, your team at Press Hook will send you the article so you can track the backlinks.

Access to a team of PR experts in your corner

Press Hook is not just a platform used to make PR simpler. It is a team of public relations experts who know the game and have simplified the process of getting earned media coverage by showcasing you to their established network.

Easy communication with the Press Hook team

A commitment to quality communication is another Press Hook benefits brands enjoy when they sign up for the platform. As a valued brand member, you’ll have a direct line to Press Hook Account Managers. At any point, you can connect with the Press Hook team via Office Hours, Community Slack Channels, Live Webinars, Clubhouse Rooms, Firesides, and more.

Being able to build your business has never been easier

Navigating the age of internet branding as you build your business can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone. With Press Hook in your corner, you’ll be able to improve your online presence and get more PR opportunities at the click of the button—all with a qualified team with you every step of the way.

Simply sign up by choosing whichever membership package suits your needs best. There are four options to choose from, and all have amazing benefits your brand is sure to grow from:

  • Basic: Go live on the Press Hook website with a searchable brand profile and media exposure.
  • Pro: Showcase your brand, products, and experts for media consideration.
  • Premium: Get proactive media attention with a dedicated brand manager.
  • Enterprise: Receive services that are customizable and tailored to your specific needs.

Whatever your needs are, Press Hook has got your back. You will build your business with ease and get the media coverage you deserve in no time. Press Hook benefits result from a team of experts streamlining a process that used to be complicated and full of unnecessary gatekeepers. 

Working with Press Hook gives you the insider advantage with numerous opportunities now within reach that weren’t before.

Are you ready to see how Press Hook can help you with building your business? Click here to learn more.