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5 Authentic & Organic Ways To Boost Brand Visibility
May 3rd, 2022
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Developing and launching a brand you believe in is a huge undertaking. But once a brand is out there in the world among competitors and a sea of advertisement noise, it can feel nearly impossible to stand out. 

Of course, marketing is important for any business. But in today’s modern society, old-school advertising practices do not easily fool consumers. The more authentic and organic a brand’s presence seems to the consumer, the more likely it is to build a natural sense of trust and following. 

But how do you go about achieving that level of authenticity that works in boosting your brand's visibility? Here are our top branding tips to get your target audience’s attention:

Tell your story—and be consistent

The first step in achieving brand visibility is having a story to share. Don’t simply focus on pushing a product or service. Spend time developing how to share your story, cultivating your brand’s unique voice and positioning the brand as a “person” rather than a company

Focus on your origin story and who your founders are when crafting your story. Once you figure out your tone and overall message, create a content guide to make it easy to share across platforms so the voice on your site matches the one on your social media profiles. 

When a brand’s voice feels authentic online, their audience starts to trust them more and wants to interact. Invest in that personable approach, and a following is sure to follow.

Harness the power of SEO

Your brand could pump out all the amazing content and social media posts in the world, but it doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is if no one can find it. Brand visibility relies heavily on harnessing the power of SEO. 

When it comes to branding tips for SEO, follow these steps:

  • Do your research — Certain keywords rank better than others. Discover which keywords are linked to your industry or what your audience is searching for and strategically bake those into your website and blog content.
  • Create content regularly — Increase brand visibility on Google search and help your website rank better by publishing new content consistently. Don’t just write about your brand. Become an expert in the field and write about what matters to your audience.
  • Utilize web features that optimize — Strategically placed H1 and H2 text on your website and within your blogs help with Google searching, especially when SEO keywords are incorporated into those as well. Don’t forget title tags and meta descriptions in the backend of your site. If you don’t manually write that yourself, Google will autofill based on the webpage, and often, that won’t cut it where brand visibility is concerned. 

There are so many branding tips surrounding SEO. Many companies will hire an on-staff or freelance SEO strategist or specialist and even a blogging team to help keep the content consistently posted on the site to boost brand visibility.

Secure earned media opportunities

Earned media is a great way to create authentic and organic brand visibility. Rather than a paid placement or advertisement, journalists search for brands to feature in listicles and other content on their sites or magazines. When your audience and potential customers feel like they’ve stumbled upon your brand in a media source they already inherently trust, they feel like they’ve discovered you rather than your brand trying to reel them in. It creates a pleasant experience for customers and organically grows your following.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re even eligible for earned media opportunities is to sign your company up to participate in an affiliate program. Many media outlets require their writers to only feature brands participating in such programs.

An old-school branding tip is to have a publicist pitch media outlets with press releases, but that practice can be time-consuming. Press Hook has created a database of brands for writers to filter through and search to make info gathering easier for the media and helpful for brands at the same time.

Not only can you build a brand profile to showcase your products on Press Hook, but there is also a place to highlight which affiliate marketing links you have. Writers can even filter brands based on affiliate marketing programs.

Press Hook makes the process of securing earned media significantly easier for both parties while still amplifying brand visibility in organic ways.

Consider strategic partnerships

Strategic partnerships are also a great way to boost brand visibility. In the past, strategic partnerships were solely the result of two similarly-minded businesses coming together in a mutual effort to promote each other. This approach has been effective and is still successfully used today. However, now brands can also utilize influencer marketing to help boost brand visibility as well. 

Especially on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube, influencers with large followings promote brands in their content with strategic placements of products or even incorporate them into the content directly. For example, a foodie influencer could make a recipe video with a specific brand of cream cheese or a child gymnast could post a video of practicing in a leotard that they’ve tagged the company in the description. Influencers could be celebrities or even everyday people who simply have large followings. 

But regardless of who they are, what matters is that their audience already trusts them, and by building a strategic partnership with an influencer, you then gain access to an audience who is now more likely to trust your brand. 

Have an active social media presence

Posting regularly on social media platforms is another important branding tip. First, determine where your target audience spends their online time most. If it’s TikTok or Instagram, start posting short videos, photos, or ads. Facebook is an excellent place to post snippets of your brand’s blog with links straight to the site. You can also share links to press your brand has gotten as well. 

However, make sure your posts are consistent with your brand’s voice and messaging, so the persona online is cohesive and represents your brand as a whole. 

The key is to make sure you’re engaged with your audience. Reply to comments and questions when appropriate and moderate discussion to ensure that nothing that violates guidelines or hurts your brand is posted.

Running awareness ads and contests are also a great way to use social media to boost brand visibility. 

How to measure if your brand visibility efforts are successful

Measuring brand visibility can be difficult to quantify. However, there are a few ways to track your progress once you’ve incorporated these branding tips into your marketing plan. Keeping an eye on your direct traffic, site traffic numbers, and social engagement and monitoring Google Analytics can give you clues to how close you are to achieving your brand visibility goals.

Improving your SEO is vital to brand visibility, but optimizing your website one night won’t yield immediate results the next day. However, the main thing to keep in mind is that some strategies take a while to show their results. Often, it can take a month or three to see the results effectively reflected. So, patience is key. 

Press Hook can help boost brand visibility 

Want to take a simple step forward in boosting your brand’s visibility and start securing that authentic earned media you need? Press Hook helps brands get in front of the right people every day through our streamlined database, organized brand guides, and network of writers and publicity professionals. Start getting your brand seen today