GCHQ hacking does not breach human rights, security tribunal rules

Investigatory powers tribunal says CNE activities, such as activating cameras on devices without permission, are legal

Hacking of computers, networks and smartphones in the UK or abroad by GCHQ staff does not breach human rights, a security tribunal has ruled.

A panel of five members of the investigatory powers tribunal decided on Friday that computer network exploitation (CNE), which may involve remotely activating microphones and cameras on electronic devices without the owners’ knowledge, is legal.

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Facebook India’s managing director Kirthiga Reddy resigns

Move follows a disastrous week for Facebook during which its free internet service was blocked in India and a board member praised colonialism

Facebook India’s managing director Kirthiga Reddy has announced she will be stepping down after six years and moving back to the US.

The announcement follows an embarrassing week for the internet firm and its effort to grow its audience in a key developing market of 1.25 billion people.

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War on wheels: an Uber driver and a black-cab driver debate London’s taxi trade

This week saw another mass protest by London black-cab drivers against Uber – so we brought two drivers from opposite sides of the road together to discuss the pros and cons of this ongoing disruption to the traditional cab industry

Related: Black-cab drivers’ Uber protest brings London traffic to a standstill

This week, 8,000 London taxi drivers brought central London to a standstill in protest at the rise of Uber, the industry-disrupting ride-hailing app, and the light-touch regulation they say allows it to threaten their livelihoods. There are around 100,000 private hire or minicab drivers in London (with around 10,000 new drivers licensed every year), and at least 25,000 of them drive for Uber. It has become an increasingly bitter dispute. Seamus Balfe, who has been a black-cab driver for 16 years, and James Farrar, an Uber driver who is also co-founder of United Private Hire Drivers, which represents minicab drivers, navigate the issues.

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