Google ‘bug’ buries competitors Yelp and TripAdvisor

The search firm is fixing the issues which led to rivals being hidden in the results, it says

Google has claimed that a change to its search rankings that pushed rivals TripAdvisor and Yelp far down the search results is due to a bug, which it is working to fix.

Over the weekend, executives from the two companies complained on Twitter that a search for locations prioritised Google’s own local search – even when the query explicitly mentioned a rival company.

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Mail Online misses £80m revenue target

Daily Mail & General Trust reports decline in print advertising of 12% in second six months of last financial year as online operation posts annual growth of 18%

Mail Online has missed its target of making £80m in revenue this year as annual digital advertising growth slowed to 18% and the Mail’s combined print and digital operation saw double-digit profit increase.

Mail Online made £73m in revenues in the year to the end of September, reporting an annual growth rate of 18%, down on the 41% reported in parent company Daily Mail & General Trust’s full year results last year.

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Man says he invented ‘Phuc Dat Bich’ hoax to fool news media and Facebook

Claims that Vietnamese man with an Australian passport in the name ‘Phuc Dat Bich’ had been discriminated against by Facebook were false

A man whose claim that Facebook discriminated against him because of his name was reported around the world has announced that it was a hoax.

In January, a man posted to Facebook a screenshot of an Australian passport that appeared to show his full legal name was Phuc Dat Bich, claiming that he had been accused of “using a false and misleading name” and had his account shut down multiple times.

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‘Too quiet’ electric and hybrid cars create headache for US regulators

Road safety authorities and automakers wrangle over new rules requiring loudspeakers to warn cyclists and visually impaired people

US regulators are grappling with new rules for electric and hybrid cars that are too quiet, leading to fears of collisions with cyclists and sight-impaired pedestrians unless the vehicles are fitted with artificial noise-making systems.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates the odds of a hybrid vehicle being involved in a pedestrian crash are 19% higher compared with a gasoline-powered vehicle.

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