Hitchbot’s decapitators avoided capture by the hitchhiking android’s cameras

‘We have no interest in pressing charges or finding the people’ says the robot’s co-creator after Hitchbot met its demise (ironically) in the City of Brotherly Love

The person or people who decapitated a hitchhiking robot in Philadelphia narrowly escaped having their pictures captured by the android, its co-creator told the Guardian on Monday.

Hitchbot, which was attempting to travel from the east coast of the US to the west coast after setting off from Massachusetts on 17 July, was set upon on Saturday morning and shall hitchhike no more.

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India blocks more than 800 sites in web porn crackdown

Government’s sudden blanket ban on websites considered a ‘social nuisance’ is met with anger online and triggers debate on censorship and freedom

Indian authorities have moved to block more than 800 pornography websites in the first major crackdown on the internet in the world’s largest democracy.

The move immediately prompted a debate about censorship and freedom.

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They just don’t make ’em like they used to: Doom won’t support mods outside of SnapMap

The original Doom was a fantastic game, but it’s remembered as much for the its mods and user-created levels as it is for its own innovations. Those days seem to be gone, as the upcoming Doom won’t support mods outside of its SnapMap level editor.

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Brain-training game helps ‘minimise impact of schizophrenia on life’

Wizard game that helps to strengthen cognitive function will be available on an iOS app after being developed by the University of Cambridge

A “brain training” game improves the cognitive function of people with schizophrenia and facilitates everyday tasks, according to researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Wizard, which will now be available on iOS (Apple’s operating system) as part of the Peak app, was tested for four weeks by 22 participants with a schizophrenia diagnosis.

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