Galaxy S6 smartphones don’t ring true for Samsung Electronics’ profits

Company reports fifth straight quarterly profit drop as the Galaxy S6 series fails to reverse its declining fortune in smartphone industry

Samsung Electronics has reported a fifth straight quarterly profit drop as the Galaxy S6 series of smartphones failed to reverse its declining fortune in the industry.

Samsung’s April-June net income was 5.8tn won (US$5bn/£3.2bn), down 8% from 6.3tn won a year earlier.

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Uber drivers attacked outside Mexico City airport as taxi drivers demonstrate

Protests are clear signal that regulations designed to create a legal framework for app-based ride services have not put an end to city’s simmering dispute

A raucous crowd attacked Uber drivers and their vehicles with clubs and stones outside the Mexico City airport, according to the company, as licensed taxi drivers demonstrated to demand a “total halt” to app-based rideshare services in the capital.

Video of the demonstration showed people throwing eggs and flour inside the windows of vehicles, kicking doors and trying to rip off side mirrors. One man destroyed a sedan’s rear window with a large rock.

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Cameron tells pornography websites to restrict access to children or face closure

PM says he will introduce legislation that could see websites shut down if they fail to bring in effective age-restricted controls

David Cameron is to give pornography websites one last chance to produce an effective voluntary scheme for age-restricted controls on their sites or he will introduce legislation that could see them shut down.

At the election the then culture secretary, Sajid Javid, said the party would act to ensure under-18s were locked out of adult content and the Conservative election Facebook page in April promised legislation to achieve this.

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Facebook’s second-quarter earnings call points toward focus on video content

Company’s second-quarter earnings were better than expected – its ad business was up 43% – and its stock rallied after initial slump in after-hours trading

You’ll be seeing a lot more video on Facebook in the near future, and your musings will be easier to access. CEO Mark Zuckerberg told investors on Wednesday’s second-quarter earnings call that “connecting people with more great video content is an important part” of the company’s future, and the company will improve its searchability – Facebook has already indexed some 2tn posts.

Users had sent out some 40% more videos to their lists of friends and followers, Zuckerberg said, and the company was encouraging them to share still more. (Facebook’s own video advertising is more valuable per advertisement than its text and image ads.) “This quarter we updated our newsfeed ranking to help people see more videos they care about,” Zuckerberg said.

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Harebrained Schemes bringing Battletech to Kickstarter later this year

Hairbrained Schemes, the developer best known for Shadowrun Returns, has announced that it’s once again bringing its next project to Kickstarter. BattleTech, a game of turn-based strategy, is based on the classic military fiction franchise of the same name.

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