These applications are harming your smartphone

Avast has recently published a report with the list of the most demanding applications, including those that reduce performance or can compromise a device. These are the bad apples that we recommend you ditch to improve your smartphone experience.

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What’s it like to play Fortnite on an iPhone?

One of the world’s most popular video games is now on phones, as well as everywhere else you look. We assess how it performs on a small screen

Barely six months after its launch, Fortnite: Battle Royale has become one of the most played, watched and talked about video games in the world. Now, showing an admirably ruthless efficiency, developer Epic Games is launching a smartphone version. There really is no escape.

It is currently available by invitation via the dedicated website and is only for iPhones. The game employs pretty much the same user interface as the console versions, which means some of the text and icons on the menu screens are extremely small on a standard iPhone display. However, once you’re playing, the bright, colourful graphical style works well in this reduced format, allowing you to easily pick out scenic details, even from a distance.

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Tomb Raider: new Lara, Daddy Croft, and Indiana Jones ripoffs – discuss with spoilers

The rebooted Lara Croft video game crossover is aiming to reignite moviegoers’ passion for action archaeology. So do you dig Alicia Vikander’s interpretation, or are you still in the Angelina Jolie camp?

  • This article contains spoilers

Video game adaptations have a long history of being, well … mostly completely terrible, thanks largely to the vapid efforts of one Uwe Boll. And even the most ardent Angelina Jolie fan would presumably admit that the Tomb Raider movies were hardly the Oscar-winner’s finest hour. So why would Alicia Vikander, Hollywood It girl and current art house dahling, sign up to star as Lara Croft in a reboot of the action-adventure series? Were there no Marvel superhero parts available?

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Dragon Ball Legends mobile game announced

Bandai Namco brings Dragon Ball Legends to Android smartphones and the iPhone. In the new game of the anime series, the player steers a brand new character through the story, which was designed by Akira Toriyama himself.

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‘A vicious circle I couldn’t break’: the software helping tackle online betting

Exclusion apps such as Gamban are taking on the 24/7, 365-days-a-year temptation of internet gambling

“I self-excluded from the major online casinos but there was always a new company I could open with and some of them don’t make it easy to self-exclude,” says Michael, a bricklayer from Glasgow, who started betting on football and greyhounds when he was 15, before developing a serious gambling addiction.

“I’d never even been to a casino but once I started playing roulette on FOBTs (fixed-odds betting terminals) in the bookies it became a serious addiction and the only way to satisfy it was to play more – mainly through online casino accounts,” he says. “I lost control, I was wasting the majority of my money every month.”

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Twitter not protecting women from abuse, says Amnesty

Human rights group says trolls are winning as site has become toxic place for women

Twitter is failing to prevent online violence and abuse against women, creating a toxic environment for them, Amnesty International has claimed.

In a report published on Wednesday, the day that Twitter celebrates 12 years since the first tweet, Amnesty said the social network responded inconsistently when abuse was highlighted, even when it violated its own rules.

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