Don’t sniff at clicktivism, says new British boss at

New managing director for Europe points to petition website’s successes and asks what the ‘chatterati’ are doing beyond whingeing about problems

Clicktivism – using the internet to take direct action to achieve a political or social aim – could be one of the only ways we have left to change the world, a senior boss at has said.

Simon Willis, the online petition site’s new British managing director for Europe, said the cynical “dinner party chatterati” sniffed at online petitions as the campaign style of the chronically lazy or the baying mob.

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Vine hopes video creators will snap to the beat of its new music features

Twitter’s six-second looping videos app will now help users add music to their clips: but for artists this means promotion not payments

Vine has already been a launchpad to stardom for musicians like Shawn Mendes, whose six-second loops on Twitter’s video-sharing app propelled him to a major record deal, chart-topping sales and a tour with Taylor Swift.

Where Mendes and fellow Viners Jack & Jack and Us The Duo have blazed a trail, other musicians are following. Now Vine is making music even more of a priority with new features within its app.

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Make your wallet hate you by getting your Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge Plus dipped in gold

Vietnamese gold-plating shop Karalux is back at it with its 24K gold treatment, this time with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. You can either buy handset in gold or you can send in either handset and have it turned to gold.

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Hitman: Agent 47 review – shoot ’em up, grind ’em down with dullness

In this punishingly vacuous thriller, Rupert Friend is a rabbit-faced assassin with dozens of expendable types on his hitlist

Based on the video game, this actually resembles a uniquely boring, feature-length Audi commercial, incidentally intent on pinching ideas from the first two Terminators. It’s a punishingly vacuous shoot-’em-up-and-grind-’em-down-with-dullness thriller featuring Rupert Friend as the notorious rabbit-faced assassin, his face set in a thin-lipped expression of supposedly chilling impassivity that makes you think he should be nibbling lettuce.

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Facebook’s latest milestone: 1bn users in a single day

Social network hit ten-figure milestone on Monday, but Mark Zuckerberg maintains it is still ‘just the beginning of connecting the whole world’

As the fictional Sean Parker might put it: ‘A million people logging in to Facebook on a single day isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion people’.

The non-fictional Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new milestone for the social network: one billion daily users.

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