Amazon proposes drones-only airspace to facilitate high-speed delivery

The retail giant’s proposal carves out airspace from 200ft-400ft exclusively for autonomous drones, with a further 100ft above it declared a no-fly zone

Amazon is proposing that a pristine slice of airspace above the world’s cities and suburbs should be set aside for the deployment of high-speed aerial drones capable of flying robotically with virtually no human interference.

The retail giant has taken the next step in its ambition to deliver packages via drone within 30 minutes by setting out in greater detail than ever before its vision for the future of robotic flight. It envisages that within the next 10 years hundreds of thousands of small drones – not all of them Amazon’s or devoted to delivery – will be tearing across the skies every day largely under their own automated control.

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To my brother I leave my Facebook account … and any chance of dignity in death | Stuart Heritage

Users of the social network can now nominate a ‘legacy contact’ to manage their digital presence after they die – but how on earth do you decide who to pick?

As a man in my mid-30s in the year 2015, I spend the bulk of my life diligently and repeatedly carrying out one simple task – ignoring the prospect of my inevitable death. It’s quite easy, partly because I don’t appear to be imminently approaching my demise, but mainly because I’ve successfully barricaded myself inside an impenetrable fort of shiny distractions.

If I notice a story about a freak accident that resulted in a tragic loss of life, I bury my head in Netflix for a bit. When I realise that I’m incrementally growing closer to the average age of people mentioned in obituaries, I stab a bunch of strangers on Assassin’s Creed until the tightness in my chest goes away. And if I’m struck by a sudden awareness that the human body is a fragile, error-strewn thing, and that I could easily be taken out by a plane or a car or a virus or an exploding oven or the accidental consumption of raw camel’s milk without so much as a second’s notice? Well, I hammer out a load of unfunny fart jokes on Twitter. There, there. Everything’s OK. Everything’s OK.

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Google minus: underperforming social network Google+ scaled back

Users of YouTube and other services will no longer need a Google+ account to join, in attempt to downsize reach of failed rival to Facebook and Twitter

Oh, Google+, we hardly knew you. Because we never used you. Even though your parent company systematically forced us all into signing up for accounts. You were the new odd kid in class nobody wanted to talk to, but we were all forced to.

Now, in a blog post entitled “Everything in its right place”, which may or may not be a Radiohead reference, the company has announced it is scaling back the reach of Google+, its underperforming social network.

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Motorola launches new Moto G and two Moto X smartphones

New Moto G adds waterproofing, while Moto X attempts to beat Samsung and Apple with cheaper prices and better cameras

Motorola is launching a new version of its popular low-priced Moto G and two new versions of its Moto X, as it attempts to compete at both the low and high end of the smartphone market.

It is continuing its strategy of producing Android devices that undercut the competition, challenging both inexpensive Chinese manufacturers and the premium Samsung and Apple brands.

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