British team designs high-tech kites to harness wind energy

Former yacht designer’s ambitious project intends to put huge kites flying over the sea in formation to generate clean, affordable electricity

“Oh wow! Look at that, it’s really hoofing some power out now,” beams Bill Hampton, looking up at his outsize kite as it swoops over a wheat field on the Essex coast. The purple prototype is, Hampton hopes, a step towards his vision of scores of huge kites flying over the sea in formation and generating clean, affordable electricity.

The test site for Kite Power Solutions (KPS) is an apt one for technology innovation, with the disused airfield lying in the shadow of one of the UK’s first nuclear power stations at Bradwell, and a few flat fields away from new wind farms whose blades turn slowly in the gentle breeze.

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Privacy pressure group EFF announces stronger Do Not Track standard

Disconnect and Adblock joins Electronic Frontier Foundation in coalition hoping to pressure advertisers to obey user preferences on tracking

A coalition lead by the US privacy pressure group the Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced a stronger Do Not Track standard (DNT), which it says is needed as current schemes allow advertisers to still track users who have opted out.

The idea of a DNT setting within desktop browsers has been in the works for a decade. Most mainstream browsers support it, sending a DNT message to the websites the users visit, with Microsoft’s latest browser, Edge, the exception. But following a user’s DNT choice is voluntary, allowing sites and advertisers to simply ignore it.

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Anti-Isis YouTube video aims to counter terror group’s social media campaigns

Quilliam Foundation’s #notanotherbrother campaign highlights the human cost on Muslim communities of exposure to Islamist extremism

A UK counter extremism organisation has launched a YouTube video focusing on the Muslim community in an attempt to fight back against the social media recruitment tactics employed by terror group Isis.

London-based Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism thinktank co-founded by Maajid Nawaz, has launched the video targeting those who may be seeking out online call-to-arms messages from Isis and could be vulnerable to radicalisation.

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What happens when Football Manager is simulated for 1,000 years?

• One gamer simulated Football Manager for 1,000 years and published results
• Blades and Burnley dominant but fallow years ahead for champions Chelsea

Sheffield United supporters approaching the new season with trepidation need worry no more. Nigel Adkins is about to begin his first season at club and will set the wheels in motion for a 1,000 years of unprecedented success – that is if Football Manager is to be believed.

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YouTube star attacks ‘theft, lies and Facebook video’

Vlogbrothers’ Hank Green wants social network to rethink the way it counts views, and crack down on ‘freebooted’ videos ripped from YouTube

Facebook has ambitions to compete with YouTube in the online video world, but one of the latter’s prominent creators has criticised the social network’s strategy.

Hank Green is one half of the Vlogbrothers duo, whose YouTube channel has more than 552m views and 2.6 million subscribers. He also co-founded the influential VidCon conference.

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Want to write a book? You can if you’ve got 75 minutes spare

A group of people will attempt to write a book in a little over an hour at Nine Worlds Geekfest in November. Don’t expect it to be in next year’s Booker longlist

Every year, writers across the world struggle through the month of November to hit a seemingly impossible target: write a whole novel in 30 days. But National Novel Writing Month – or NaNoWriMo, as it’s known – will shortly look like child’s play, because on Saturday 8 August, science-fiction author Chris Farnell will lead “NaNoSessionMo”: an attempt to write an entire novel in 75 minutes.

The session (which, Farnell concedes, should perhaps be called NaNoWriSession) will take place at the Nine Worlds geekfest in Heathrow, a multidisciplinary convention for fans across the spectrum of geek culture, and was inspired by a previous panel Farnell led at 2014’s show.

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