Gaming goes pro: meet one of Australia’s top League of Legends teams

Team Legacy has moved in together to train for the Oceanic Pro League – but convincing parents that gaming is a viable career is often the greatest challenge

Behind the façade of a pleasantly nondescript house in Sydney’s west, there’s a sporting revolution taking place.

Six young men aged from their late teens to early 20s have been brought together to live in a two-storey suburban home for a year, in the hopes of becoming a world-beating team.

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Elon Musk says he ‘feels good’ as Tesla set to see first profits

After several ‘excruciating’ financial months that included $67m in unplanned costs, the electric car maker says it will start making money this year

Elon Musk, chief executive of electric luxury car maker Tesla Motors, promised investors on Wednesday that the company will start making money this year, sending the its shares up sharply despite a wider fourth-quarter loss.

Tesla shares rose more than 10% in after-hours trading after the company forecast a 60 to 80% increase in vehicle sales this year, and promised it would turn a profit on an adjusted basis. It will start generating positive cash flow in March.

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Privacy commissioner challenges ruling journalist can’t access own phone data

Administrative appeals tribunal had ruled that former Fairfax journalist Ben Grubb’s mobile data, held by Telstra, was not considered ‘personal information’

The privacy commissioner, Timothy Pilgrim, has launched a federal court challenge to a ruling that a journalist was not entitled to access parts of his personal mobile phone data.

The landmark challenge is believed to be the first time the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has sought to appeal a case before the federal court.

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Twitter share price nosedives on news it is losing users

Price of stock falls 13% in after-hours trading after hitting an all-time low earlier this week on news its number of monthly users has stopped growing entirely

Twitter lost users in the last three months, the troubled microblogging service said on Wednesday, and the news sent the company’s share price into a nose dive.

Growth in Twitter’s monthly active users has slowed, then stagnated, and has now apparently stopped entirely. The service’s user base is up 9% year-over-year, but against the past quarter it’s perfectly flat at 320 million.

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Airbnb purged more than 1,000 New York listings to rig survey – report

Entire-home listings were targeted for removal as the home-sharing tech company was facing intense criticism from New York authorities over its service

Airbnb “purged” more than 1,000 listings from its site in order to rig a survey of its New York City hosts, according to a new report released on Wednesday.

The move came as the home-sharing tech company was facing intense criticism from New York authorities. According to the report, compiled by watchdog Inside Airbnb, the “purge” targeted entire-home listings, which allow Airbnb users to rent an entire apartment, from people with multiple properties on the service, a particular issue with New York authorities.

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