Twitter launches its assault on news with Moments

New feature hopes to attract new and disengaged users to the social network with up-to-the-minute curation of breaking news and the day’s top stories

Twitter has launched Moments, a new service which hopes to show users the day’s most popular stories, as the 140-character social network takes a stab at news curation.

The new button in the middle of the app marked by a lightning bolt brings users a curated, magazine-style view filled with comments, images and videos pulled from users on the ground and news organisations’ Twitter feeds.

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The self-driving car, no questions asked, is going to be a hard sell even for Google

Google’s autonomous cars may take the human factor out of driving, but not out of the global market it is hoping to win over

The room went quiet, as if everyone had just held their breath. Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder, had just walked in wearing Crocs. I think it was the fact it was billionaire Brin, rather than the Crocs. Brin has the loosest of schedules and works on whatever takes his fancy. This morning it was self-driving cars. Regularly deferring to his engineers for the detail, Brin was there to emphasise how important and impressive the technology is, as if we needed reminding.

I asked Brin how he planned to humanise the technology, how to take it beyond Google’s privileged and pro-technology bubble into a real world where citizens are more sceptical and less trusting. He looked disappointed with the question.

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Kickstarter pairs with UNHCR to help Syrian refugees after White House call

The crowdfunding website, which normally back creative projects, will raise money for humanitarian relief in a project featuring Guardian video reportage

A White House initiative on behalf of Syrian refugees has brought together the crowdfunding website Kickstarter and the United Nations refugee agency together for a weeklong fundraising push that all sides hope could represent a breakthrough in charitable giving for Syria.

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Reddit launches aggregated news site Upvoted – with no comments allowed

Social media site Reddit has announced its move into aggregated news with the launch of Upvoted – but users won’t be able to upvote, or comment

Reddit has announced its move into news publishing (along with everyone else) with the launch of standalone site, Upvoted. The new site intends to capitalise on the popular content posted to Reddit, which is often picked up by other online media organisations.

Upvoted will be headed by former MySpace editorial director Vickie Chang, in charge of a team of around 10. Initially, the site hopes to produce around 20 stories a day, increasing to 40.

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Twitter UK staff reap rewards of £14m share bonanza

Staff benefit from shares windfall as social media site doubles profits and revenues

Twitter UK staff benefited from a £14m share bonanza last year as the social media site doubled profits and revenues.

Twitter made a pre-tax profit of £3.2m last year, almost double the £1.7m reported in 2013, according to the latest financial records at Companies House.

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This insane GTA V ramp truck mod destroys all cars and lands on reddit’s front page

The Simple Trainer GTA V Mod has given birth to a new ruler of the game, and its name is the Omega Ramp. All bow before Omega Ramp. Such are the spawn of nefarious YouTuber BlackSmoke Billy: melded vehicles of mass destruction.

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What is ‘safe harbour’ and why did the EUCJ just declare it invalid?

European Court of Justice rules 2000’s data protection agreement with US invalid, but will that stop Facebook from transferring your EU data to America?

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the “safe harbour” agreement that allowed the transfer of European citizens data to the US is no longer valid. But what does that mean for the Facebooks, Googles and Microsofts of this world?

In a two-year-old case forced to the EU’s highest court by Austrian privacy campaigner Max Schrems, the EUCJ ruled that the European Commission’s trans-Atlantic data protection agreement that went into force in 2000 was invalid because it does not adequately protect consumers in the wake of the Snowden revelations.

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