What’s the future for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer?

Mayer’s hiring in 2012 was deemed a ‘coup’ but costly gambles, such as the $1.1bn acquisition of Tumblr, came to epitomize her doomed effort to reinvent Yahoo

The sale of Yahoo to Verizon for $4.83bn (£3.62bn) marks the end of a period of intense speculation and ferocious investor activism at the embattled web company. Andfor the past four years, CEO Marissa Mayer has borne the brunt of that protest, while attempting to turn around Yahoo’s fortunes.

Yahoo’s years-long profits slump was made worse by bad investments that came to a head at the beginning of 2016 when the company reported a $4.4bn loss. Expensive gambles, such as the $1.1bn acquisition of Tumblr in 2013, came to epitomize Mayer’s bold but ultimately doomed attempt to reinvent Yahoo as a media platform that would attract younger users and turn the company’s fortunes around.

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Big tech asked to pay their ‘fair share’ in taxes to help San Francisco’s homeless

The tech-driven city struggles with how to pay for the dark side of the tech boom – a boon for some, a bust for others

In the 50s and 60s, San Francisco was known as the home of beat poets and hippies. Now, San Francisco is defined by hi-tech firms and the people who work there. Freaks have been replaced by geeks.

But this transition has been messier than most. The tech boom has generated thousands of high-paying jobs and vast amounts of wealth. It’s also contributed to a spike in housing costs, a steady rise in evictions, a seismic shift in the identity of neighborhoods and an ever-widening gap between the city’s richest citizens and its poorest.

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Can drones help save the rhino? – video

Drones are operating above some of South Africa’s national parks in an attempt to deter and intercept poachers. Poaching is at record levels on the continent, devastating elephant and rhino populations. These drones can fly 2.5 hours on a single charge and up to 22 miles from the control vehicle. The operators say they have seen a direct link between their presence in an area and a fall in poaching

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How drones would carry emergency blood supplies in Rwanda – video

This promotional footage from Silicon Valley tech startup Zipline shows how it would use drones to deliver emergency blood supplies. The company hopes to make up to 150 blood deliveries a day by drone in Rwanda. Difficult transport conditions mean rural health centres across Africa often lack supplies and delivering emergency blood is particularly challenging. A ‘zip’ drone can fly a 75-mile round-trip on a single charge

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