What’s the best cheap compact camera with an image stabiliser?

Antonella wants a reasonably priced compact camera with an image stabiliser that’s good for night shots. Something like the Sony RX100, but cheaper …

I’m struggling to find the perfect camera for my needs. I watched a YouTube video by one of my favourite photographers, and she suggested the Sony DSC-RX100 M5, but it costs way too much. It got my attention because it was small, it had the SteadyShot stabiliser, and was good for night shoots.

I’m now using a Canon PowerShot SX110IS, but it’s pretty terrible, unless the weather conditions are perfect. If I try photographing landscapes at night, I get wobbly pictures, and I don’t usually have wobbly hands.

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Surveillance capitalism: why governments should protect us from big tech

The health of our democracy demands that we consider treating Facebook, Google, and Amazon with the same firm hand that led government to wage war on major monopolies

In our day, we can’t quite see anything wrong with monopoly. We’re certain that our tech giants achieved their dominance fairly and squarely through the free market, by dint of technical genius.

To conjure this image of meritocratic triumph requires overlooking several pungent truths about the nature of these new monopolies. Their dominance is less than pure.

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‘Big tech has been rattled. The conversation has changed’

When the author Franklin Foer first raised concerns about Silicon Valley’s power players, ‘people looked at me funny’. Now his work appears prophetic

The admission by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg was alarming.

“Things happened on our platform in this election that should not have happened,” she said in an onstage interview last week with Mike Allen, the journalist and Washington diary-keeper. “Especially, and very troubling, foreign interference in a democratic election.”

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