Myo armband reads motions to put the world at your fingertips

This good-looking gesture control device lets you browse the web or operate a slideshow without the need for a joystick or mouse

I’d seen videos of the Myo before I received one. The black wearable device had always struck me as looking cool and slightly futuristic. As someone who speaks and presents often, here was a chance to take my “cool presentation” factor up a notch.

Wearing the Myo, my hopes and dreams faded. Rather than being light and inconspicuous, it felt clunky. It was also cold – I hadn’t noticed the metal sensors in the promo videos. It felt as if I had a bionic arm.

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Subaru Levorg: car review | Martin Love

It’s not just boy racers and rally drivers who love Subarus – the cars enjoy a fanatical following. The question is: why?

Price: £27,495
Top speed: 130mph
0-62mph: 8.9 seconds
MPG: 39.8

Imagine two drivers standing proudly beside their new cars. One is next to a Mercedes, the other a Subaru. Now picture the same scene a few years down the road. Both have replaced their cars, but which of the two has bought the same brand again? The Benz, surely! In fact it’s the Subaru that will be putting in another shift. The marque has phenomenal brand loyalty, higher than Mercedes, BMW and even Porsche. But why such fidelity? Subarus are certainly good cars, but they are not great cars.

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Eastway Emitter R4: bike review | Martin Love

A carbon-framed bike that breaks the magical £1,000 barrier and still rides as good as it looks

For cycling fans, the word Eastway is loaded with history. The original circuit was built in London in the 70s as a traffic-free, road-racing track, and many of the sport’s greats spun their pedals on it, including Eddy Merckx. The ring was finally bulldozed to make way for the Olympic Park in 2006, but the name lives on in this British brand. The range has just been relaunched and the emphasis is now on ‘affordable performance’. If that’s what you are after, the Emitter R4 ticks both boxes. It performs well (it’s light, responsive and fast) and it’s affordable. Spending £1,000 on a bike never sounds like a steal, but believe me, for a carbon frame topped off with this level of kit, it is. My only quibble is the name: Emitter sounds like a projectile-vomiting baby… (

Price: £950
Frame: carbon
Gears: Shimano Tiagra 2 x 10-speed
Weight: 8.5kg

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How to speed up the Moto X Play

The Moto X Play is a great phone but it often suffers from a sluggish performance after getting Marshmallow. Read on to know how to get your phone’s snappiness back.

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Someone parodied the A-Team intro with Metal Gear’s Diamond-Dogs, and it’s glorious

Change the line “10 years ago a crack commando unit was sent to prison for a crime they didn’t commit,” to “Nine years ago, their private army was decimated by a secret organization,” and the LA skyline to Mother Base while keep the military drums and fading to red and, voilà!

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