Nurse allegedly assaulted after watchdog employee used database to find her

Exclusive: Breach at Australia’s health practitioner regulator reveals flaws in handling of personal data and ‘shakes confidence’ in medical complaints system

A nurse was allegedly assaulted by an employee of Australia’s health practitioner regulator, who used his credentials to access the agency’s database and track down her home address and phone number.

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Roaches to the rescue: insect provides blueprint for robotic first responder

Researchers at University of California at Berkeley are developing a mechanical roach after finding its exoskeleton is uniquely suited to fitting into small spaces

Search and rescue missions of the future could be led by a horde of robot cockroaches, with US researchers developing a mechanical version of the reviled insect in order to serve the whims of its human overlords.

A University of California at Berkeley team found that cockroaches, despite their reputation as unwanted vermin, are superbly adaptable creatures able to contort their bodies to fit into various small and awkward spaces.

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US officials downplay impact of Department of Justice hacking

Hackers claim to have stolen sensitive information from 20,000 people employed by Department of Justice and 9,000 employed by Homeland Security

US officials have downplayed the impact of the latest hack of government data, this one containing employee information from 29,000 Department of Justice (DoJ) and Homeland Security (DHS) staff.

Hackers claimed Sunday night to have stolen sensitive information from some 20,000 people employed by DoJ, including Federal Bureau of Investigation officials, and another 9,000 from DHS. But government sources familiar with the hack said the compromised information paled by comparison to the recent data theft from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

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Surprise! It’s McDonald’s: LA chef fools food bloggers with quarter pounders

Chef Neal Fraser served avocado soup and spicy meatballs at an event for ‘food influencers’ in LA – then revealed that all the ingredients came from McDonald’s

A well-known Los Angeles chef tricked a group of foodies with an elegant meal prepared entirely out of McDonald’s food.

Chef Neal Fraser, who hosted the meal last week at the Carondelet House in downtown Los Angeles, told about 40 “food influencers” in attendance he would be “cooking with experimental” and “fresh ingredients”, the Orange County Register reported.

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