GCHQ accused of ‘persistent’ illegal hacking at security tribunal

UK government monitoring station admits hacking devices for the first time during case brought by Privacy International and internet service providers

GCHQ carries out “persistent” illegal hacking of phones, computers and networks worldwide under broad “thematic” warrants that ignore privacy safeguards, a security tribunal has heard.

Microphones and cameras on electronic devices can be remotely activated without owners’ knowledge, photographs and personal documents copied and locations discovered, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has been told.

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Hearthstone producer admits nerfing will never end

After controversial depowering of infamous Warsong Commander card, creators of collectible card game say such alterations will inevitably happen again

This autumn, Blizzard Entertainment took one of the most powerful decks from its collectible card game Hearthstone and obliterated it. This was not the first time the company had decided to significantly alter, or “nerf”, an aspect of its hugely successful title, but it was the most high profile, and caused a storm of controversy within the Hearthstone community. Many thought it was the nerf to end all nerfs.

But it wasn’t.

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Thom Yorke: YouTube steals art ‘like Nazis during second world war’

The Radiohead frontman hits out at video-sharing site’s supposed double standards over ad-blocking: ‘Artists don’t get paid, but if YouTube don’t get a profit out of it, it’s not fair’

Thom Yorke has shared his views on YouTube, suggesting that the corporation, along with parent company Google, have “seized control” of art in the same way Nazi Germany did during the second world war.

Yorke, who famously called Spotify “the last desperate fart of a dying corpse”, shared his thoughts on the video-sharing service during an interview for Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

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Amid challenges, Samsung changes mobile chief for first time in 6 years

Aiming to turn its smartphone business around, Samsung is changing its mobile chief for the first time in six years. Dongjin Koh, the firm’s former head of mobile R&D, replaces JK Shin, who’s seen the unit through good times and, more recently, not so good.

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World’s first computer-generated musical to debut in London

Beyond the Fence, the story of a family at Greenham Common, will incorporate machine-generated plot and music

They have become brilliant at chess, had music performed by one of the world’s leading orchestras and seen their art enter major collections. But could a computer also generate a hit west end musical?

The answer may be provided next year with the announcement of the world’s first computer musical, getting a run at the Arts Theatre accompanied by a TV series on Sky Arts.

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What would Tanzania’s cost-cutting president do? Twitter responds

Users tweeting #WhatWouldMagufuliDo are offering wry ways to emulate John Magufuli’s clampdown on wasteful spending. Global Voices reports

Tanzania’s newly elected president, nicknamed “the bulldozer”, has become a Twitter sensation across Africa after introducing radical government cost-cutting measures.

Immediately after his inauguration, John Magufuli scrapped independence celebrations, choosing instead to spend money on sanitation, fighting cholera and new beds and equipment for hospitals.

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