Pirate cuts deal to avoid fine if his video gets 200k views

Czech man convicted of downloading Microsoft Windows and other software says he will avoid £148k damages if YouTube campaign viewed

For many YouTubers, their first 200k video views are a step along the road to online stardom. For a Czech man called Jakub F, it could be the key to avoiding a big fine for copyright infringement.

“I had to start this site, because I spent eight years spreading pirated software and got caught,” he explained on a website set up to promote a YouTube video in which he apologises for his behaviour.

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US testing an ‘air traffic control system’ for drones

Exclusive: Guardian visits drone company PrecisionHawk developing safety tech for robot aircraft

The Guardian has gained access to the first tests of an experimental air traffic control system for drones that could open the skies to millions of low-flying unmanned aircraft.

On an isolated cattle ranch in rural North Carolina – and under the watchful eye of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) – drone startup PrecisionHawk is putting experimental drones in the air alongside paragliders. This is the first time that human pilots have officially shared US airspace with commercial drones.

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Five strategies for reclaiming our personal privacy online

Our privacy is being exploited commercially by the oligopoly of Silicon Valley, and in the name of national security by our governments. With so little control over our online lives, how can we reclaim the balance?

When Tim Wu published his influential book Master Switch in 2010, he powerfully argued that all communications markets began with a period of creative openness and experimentation, yet within 20 years settled into some sort of state-regulated oligopoly. The internet, Wu proclaimed hopefully, could be different because most internet giants “profess an awareness of their awesome powers and some sense of attendant duty to the public”.

Five years on, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that the web is now ruled by oligopolies, and that attempted state intervention is heavier than ever.

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VW’s Audi suspends two engineers in emissions-rigging inquiry

Scandal widens after German carmaker tells US that 85,000 V6 diesel engines were fitted with software defeat devices

Volkswagen’s luxury flagship Audi has suspended two engineers after its larger diesel engines were found evading emissions limits in the US.

VW and Audi notified US authorities last week that about 85,000 vehicles with 3.0 litre V6 diesel engines were fitted with emissions-control equipment that was not disclosed to US regulators, Audi chief executive Rupert Stadler said.

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Anonymous swaps Isis propaganda site for Prozac ad in trolling fight

GhostSec Anonymous splinter group pulls Islamic State darknet offline replacing it with a pharmacy advert

Anonymous splinter group GhostSec has taken its “war” on Isis to the darknet, replacing a propaganda forum with an advert for Prozac.

The site was only recently set up within the Tor darknet by Isis, allegedly in response to Anonymous taking down hundreds of the terrorist group’s websites on the open web.

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