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Apple Won’t Like This Colonoscopy Prank

A screening for colon cancer may catch a life-threatening problem before it has a chance to take hold. Or it might find an iPhone embedded in your gastrointestinal tract. Both of those messages –- one deadly serious, the other an orchestrated prank –- come across in a new video for the nonprofit Colon Cancer Alliance, which stars YouTube comedian Jack Vale. Posing as a post-op supervisor at a Beverly Hills surgery center, Vale tells groggy, half-sedated patients about weird household objects located in their colons. See also: YouTube’s 10 Most-Shared Ads in January He even trots out some (fake) x-rays to show them VHS tapes, stuffed animals and Three’s Company collector cards that were “found” during their colonoscopies. Read more… More about Advertising, Marketing, Cancer, and Business … Read entire article »


Pompeii Crumbles Under Heavy Rains and Other News You Need to Know

Welcome to this morning’s edition of “First To Know,” a series in which we keep you in the know on what’s happening around the world. Here are five important stories you need to know this morning. Heavy rains are causing major damage to the ruins of the ancient city of PompeiiThe Telegraph reports an 11-foot section of wall has crumbled and stones have fallen from an arch at the Temple of Venus Although Ellen DeGeneres used an Android in front of the crowds at the Oscars on Sunday, she was all about her iPhone backstage. The Oscar Pistorius murder trial has started with testimony from Pistorius’ neighbor. The neighbor described being awakened by “a woman’s terrible screams,” … Read entire article »

Russia Blocks Pro-Ukraine Groups on Social Media

As Russia’s military tightens its grip around Ukraine, the country has taken new measures to hinder its opposition’s ability to organize online The Russian Prosecutor’s General Office has ordered Roskomnadzor, a federal media oversight agency, to block access to the pages of 13 “Ukrainian nationalist organizations” on VKontakte, the most popular social network in the region, to users in Russia. See also: 5 Big Questions About the Future of Ukraine The block order came over the weekend. The pages contained “direct appeals to carry out terrorist activities,” according to an announcement posted on Roskomnadzor website on Monday Read more… More about Internet, Censorship, Russia, Protests, and Us World … Read entire article »

Microsoft’s New CEO Shakes Up Executive Ranks

It has been just under a month since Microsoft appointed Satya Nadella as its new CEO, but he appears to already be shaking things up. Nadella has reportedly appointed former Hillary Clinton pollster Mark Penn to serve as Microsoft’s chief strategy officer. Penn had previously been an executive VP in charge of advertising See also: 5 Things You Should Know About Microsoft’s New CEO At the same time, two other execs at Microsoft are said to be leaving the company: Tony Bates, Microsoft’s executive VP of business development and the former CEO of Skype, and Tami Reller, the company’s executive VP of marketing. Read more… More about Microsoft, Business, and Satya Nadella … Read entire article »

Comcast in Talks to Buy Online Ad Platform FreeWheel for $320 Million: Report

Comcast is reportedly in talks to acquire online advertising platform FreeWheel for around $320 million, as the television cable provider continues to bolster its online assets FreeWheel allows online video content creators to serve ads alongside videos, and counts the likes of NBC Universal, Fox and ESPN among its clients. The news was first reported by TechCrunch. A source familiar with the deal confirmed the news to Mashable. See also: Two Cheers for the Comcast-Time Warner Deal The deal would not immediately affect FreeWheel’s business operations or its relationships with its clients, the source added. Read more… More about Comcast, Online Advertising, Video Advertising, Business, and Advertising … Read entire article »