Twitter share price nosedives on news it is losing users

Price of stock falls 13% in after-hours trading after hitting an all-time low earlier this week on news its number of monthly users has stopped growing entirely

Twitter lost users in the last three months, the troubled microblogging service said on Wednesday, and the news sent the company’s share price into a nose dive.

Growth in Twitter’s monthly active users has slowed, then stagnated, and has now apparently stopped entirely. The service’s user base is up 9% year-over-year, but against the past quarter it’s perfectly flat at 320 million.

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Airbnb purged more than 1,000 New York listings to rig survey – report

Entire-home listings were targeted for removal as the home-sharing tech company was facing intense criticism from New York authorities over its service

Airbnb “purged” more than 1,000 listings from its site in order to rig a survey of its New York City hosts, according to a new report released on Wednesday.

The move came as the home-sharing tech company was facing intense criticism from New York authorities. According to the report, compiled by watchdog Inside Airbnb, the “purge” targeted entire-home listings, which allow Airbnb users to rent an entire apartment, from people with multiple properties on the service, a particular issue with New York authorities.

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Facebook board member offends India on Twitter, and issues groveling apology

Following India’s decision to ban Facebook’s limited free mobile internet, Marc Andreessen lashed out with a poor-taste tweet that appeared to back colonialism

A member of Facebook’s board and influential Silicon Valley investor was forced into a groveling apology on Wednesday after acknowledging that remarks appearing to support British colonialism in India were “ill-informed and ill-advised”.

In a series of apologetic tweets, Marc Andreessen, who is accustomed to ranting on Twitter to nearly half a million devoted followers, apologized “without reservation” for an earlier, now-deleted tweet.

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