Can-Am Spyder F3 S: review | Martin Love

Trikes usually call for plenty of denim and a mullet, but the new Can-Am cruiser is set to change all that

Price: £17,199
Engine: 1,330cc
BHP: 115
Top speed: 80mph
Gears: 6-speed auto
Top speed: 110mph
Range: 220 miles

Common sense tells you that if you build a vehicle that’s a weird amalgam of all the worst aspects of a motorbike and marry them with all the inconveniences of a small car, you end up with a useless mongrel. You’ll have an open-sided three-wheeler with no roof, no doors, no windscreen and no seatbelts. You’ll get cold and wet yet you can’t slalom through traffic. You won’t be able to park it in that tight space outside your flat and you can’t fill the boot with a big family shop. What common sense doesn’t tell you is that the Spyder F3 S is about as much fun as you can have on your own, in public and with the lights on. For some reason what makes no sense on paper makes total sense in the flesh.

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