Can you make group video calls on WhatsApp yet?

WhatsApp is ready to release group video calls on iOS and Android, and a lucky few of you will already have access to the new feature. Here’s how you can check if you can already video call two or more contacts at the same time.

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Donald Trump shuns iPhone security because it’s ‘inconvenient’, reports say

US president reportedly resisted White House security checks for Twitter phone for ‘as long as five months’

Donald Trump is reportedly shunning security advice by using at least two iPhones, refusing to allow some of them to be screened for hacking attempts because it is “too inconvenient”.

The US president, who has not used email while in office, has one iPhone capable only of making calls and another that is used as his Twitter phone, with access to a series of news sites and the social network, according to White House officials talking to Politico.

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‘Elitist den of hate’: Silicon Valley pastor decries hypocrisy of area’s rich liberals

Gregory Stevens resigns after tweets about Palo Alto, slamming tech industry greed and empty social justice promises

A Silicon Valley pastor has resigned from his church after calling the city of Palo Alto an “elitist shit den of hate” and criticizing the hypocrisy of “social justice” activism in the region.

Gregory Stevens confirmed Monday that he had stepped down from the First Baptist Church of Palo Alto, an LGBT-inclusive congregation, after his personal tweets calling out the contradictions of wealthy liberals in northern California surfaced at a recent council hearing.

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European parliament to livestream Mark Zuckerberg appearance

Facebook chief initially agreed to closed-door meeting, but will now speak publicly

Mark Zuckerberg will appear publicly before the European parliament on Tuesday, ending a terse standoff with the institution, but further inflaming tensions with the House of Commons, which has repeatedly requested an appearance from the Facebook founder.

The president of the European parliament, Antonio Tajani, announced on Monday morning that Zuckerberg’s appearance would be publicly livestreamed, following criticism that the Facebook chief executive had initially managed to persuade the body to meet him behind closed doors.

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Holograms: still the preserve of science fiction

A projected Princess Leia in Star Wars suggested a 3D future, but we’ll have to wait a while before we are playing holochess

The fragile apparition endured only long enough to say: “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” before flickering out. But R2D2’s 3D projection gave millions of young eyes, including mine, their first taste of holograms, and planted unrealistic expectations of a future playing dejarik, the gruesome game of holographic chess played on board the Millennium Falcon.

The concept of the hologram was already familiar, invented in the 1940s by physicist Dennis Gabor, but since the force reawakened the idea almost 40 years later, things haven’t really moved on. Why aren’t real, moving, Leia-style holograms now part of our day-to-day lives?

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