‘If I see it, I can kill it’: drone ‘death ray’ can shoot them down from a mile away

People could use it to disable hobbyists’ drones but Liteye’s Anti-UAV Defense System has practical applications for law enforcement and government too

A team of British technology firms has developed a “death ray” for drones that can knock an unmanned aerial vehicle out of the sky by turning it off in midair up to a mile away.

“If I can see it, I can kill it,” said Rick Sondag, executive vice-president of Liteye Systems, which sells the device, and who debuted it at the Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Expo in Las Vegas this week.

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Watch an anti-drone ‘death ray’ in action – video

Three British companies have teamed up to create an anti-drone ‘death ray’. The device uses a directional antenna to ‘shoot’ interference at a remote-operated drone, causing it to fall from the sky. Engineered by UK firms Blighter, Enterprise and Chess, the device is distributed in the US by Colorado-based Liteye, which hopes to sell it to the US government and airports

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Google denies Android Auto car system sends it user’s driving data

Google says it ‘takes privacy very seriously’ after motor magazine reports Porsche chose to use Apple CarPlay after privacy fears

Google has denied claims that its operating system for in-car entertainment, Android Auto, spies on users.

The report, from Motor Trend magazine, said that Porsche had chosen not to use Android Auto in its newest cars, instead opting for Apple Carplay over privacy fears.

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Can Tesla downshift from $130,000 SUVs to mass market electric cars?

After unveiling the luxury Model X, Elon Musk’s company has a big challenge ahead as it aims for a bigger audience with its Model 3, promised for 2017

On 21 September, Tesla’s chief executive and founder, Elon Musk, used all the tricks in his showman’s book to launch the company’s latest all-electric vehicle, the Model X, at the company’s San Francisco Bay headquarters.

Tesla’s mission, he said, is to “accelerate the advent of sustainable transport”, hoping that the new SUV will help the company appeal to a wider audience of American motorists. But with its $130,000 price tag, the Model X could end up having an awkward relationship with sustainability.

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Google to improve loading speed to counter ad-blocking, Facebook and Apple

The search company unveils Accelerated Mobile Pages in bid to work with publishers, ad companies and rival platforms

Google is attempting to counter the threat from ad-blocking and rivals Facebook and Apple by radically improving the loading speed of web pages on smartphones and tablets.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) aims to simplify the structure of mobile web pages and place the data needed to deliver them closer to users both physically and virtually in a bid to to achieve almost “instant” delivery of articles to anywhere in the world.

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