Memorial to man who made the Mallard runs into row over a duck

A change to the statue of Sir Nigel Gresley, designer of the world’s fastest steam locomotive, sparks storm on Facebook and Twitter

It seemed such a good idea at the time – a dignified event to mark the life of one of Britain’s greatest engineers, designer of a much-loved transport icon. But now the event is threatening to unleash an undignified battle involving superglue and rubber ducks.

A statue of Sir Nigel Gresley is due to be unveiled in April, marking the 75th anniversary of the death of the designer of the Mallard steam engine. But there is a risk that his achievements will be eclipsed by an arcane dispute that started in the letters pages of local and national newspapers and quickly escalated on social media.

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Serial fans’ eyes on Baltimore as new ruling approaches for Adnan Syed

Testimony poised to conclude on Monday – with decision expected in following days – as murder case made famous by podcast returns to court

He was convicted 16 years ago, sentenced to life for a murder that made few headlines at the time, but his unusual hearing in a Baltimore court over the last three days has held millions of Americans in suspense ahead of the court’s decision. This is not just any murder case, of course: this is Serial.

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The ‘cultural desert’ of Silicon Valley finally gets its first serious art gallery

For all its billionaires and enviable lifestyles, the west coast’s tech elite have never embraced the art world, artists say – until now

Silicon Valley got its first major contemporary art gallery this week because Laura Arrillaga Andreessen – prolific art collector and heir to local real estate baron John Arrillaga – decided it was a little weird to have art sales in her house.

“I didn’t come and say I’m going to make Silicon Valley like art. It just happened,” said Marc Glimcher, who runs the influential Pace Gallery and was in town to fete the opening of his new Menlo Park location.

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