Bitcoin Group delays public listing on Australian Stock Exchange

Digital currency ‘miner’ has another setback, telling investors ASX has requested additional information

The Bitcoin Group has delayed its public listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in order to provide further information about the currency to the exchange.

The company has been seeking to become the second listed bitcoin entity in Australia. But the crypto currency operators have faced a series of setbacks and have now reportedly had six delays to the listing.

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Pope Francis to be greeted by 19km of mobile phone lights on Mexico City visit

Organisers want people to line road from the airport to the centre of the capital, holding phones aloft creating a ‘wall of light and prayer’

Worshipers will line the roadside holding up their mobile telephones to light the way for Pope Francis when he arrives on his visit to Mexico next week.

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Google Ireland staff paid less than half their London colleagues

Average wage of £72,000 compares with London staff average salary of £160,000 – despite booking £5bn sales from UK advertisers in 2015

Workers at Google Ireland, the search group’s European sales hub, earn less than half the £160,000 average wage of colleagues in London — despite the British sales team only providing a supporting role to their Irish counterparts.

Google bosses will be grilled by parliament’s public accounts committee this week over how they have managed to continue with their controversial Irish tax structures in the face of repeated promises from politicians to close these arrangements down.

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