Ministers have not made ‘conclusive case’ for new web snooping powers

Critical report from parliamentary committee increases pressure on home secretary Theresa May to rewrite so called snooper’s charter bill

The home secretary has yet to make a “conclusive case” for giving the spying agencies new snooping powers to track the web browsing histories of all British citizens, a key committee of peers and MPs has concluded.

The critical report from the third parliamentary committee in three weeks increases the pressure on the home secretary, Theresa May, to rewrite substantial parts of her snooper’s charter bill introduced in the wake of Edward Snowden’s disclosures of mass surveillance.

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Tesla Model 3 will be for sale on 31 March, with a $1,000 reservation fee

The mass-market electric car, which will be the third in Tesla’s fleet, won’t arrive in driveways until at least 2017

Tesla’s fourth car, the Model 3, will be revealed on 31 March, chief executive Elon Musk told shareholders on the company’s quarterly earnings call.

Long awaited, the Model 3 is intended to be Tesla’s first “moderately priced” car. Tesla has said that it will have a starting price of about $35,000, which will likely be reduced further by the electric vehicle subsidies on offer in many countries around the world.

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Sex technology turn-ons – Tech Weekly podcast

Tech is moving from the boardroom to the bedroom and is about to shake up the way we have sex and our fundamental ideas about relationships

With the likes of sex robots, personalised VR porn and teledildonics entering the market, our sex lives could be about to become more hi-tech.

But beyond the souped-up vibrators, what are the repercussions of these apps on our ideas of fidelity and our sense of intimacy? What effect could the advent of sex robotics have on our human relationships?

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Microsoft Windows 10 free upgrade revisited: seven of your questions answered

More than 200 million people are already using Windows 10, but will your old software and peripherals still work if you accept this recommended upgrade?

I upgraded from Windows 7 to 10 and it looked like everything went fine, even though it changed my home screen saver and where the icons were listed. The one thing I cannot get to work is our HP OfficeJet 7310 All-in-One device, which functions as a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine. Now the printer function is the only one that works. Steve

New operating systems usually require new drivers, and for full functionality, this usually means drivers provided by the manufacturer. If these aren’t available, Microsoft will install generic drivers. Perhaps that’s what’s happened here, by mistake.

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Unravel review – a brief, beautiful message of love

With its little hero made of yarn, this short, sweet puzzle platformer has a story to tell about the way love connects us

Unravel is promoted as a tale “told completely without words”, but that’s not entirely true. In the photo album where the story is collected, a handwritten message summarises the themes of the game: “Love forms bonds, like strands of yarn. Like yarn, those bonds can be fragile, or get all tangled. But when they’re kept and cared for, they can bridge any distance.”

Words also appear in the first level of this much anticipated puzzle adventure, to tell you how to run, jump, grab, climb, swing, throw a lasso and build a bridge. These instructions are nicely arranged, floating in the sky at the point you need them, but that doesn’t disguise that this is a tutorial crammed into one level, expecting players to quickly grasp how to move through the world.

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A simpler way to stay in touch: dumbphones tried and tested

Five alternatives to a pricey smartphone, from the Alcatel OneTouch to the Nokia 225 and the Samsung E1270

“I felt far more alive,” said Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne of his brief but exhilarating love affair with a dumbphone. The dalliance lasted a few days, before he went crawling back, tail between legs, to the distracting and intrusive bosom of his iPhone. But the instinct that led him to stray is one shared by millions: smartphones are expensive, technologically perishable, physically delicate, thin on battery life, and cumbersome. Worse than that, they’re a bottomless time-sink, aggressively attention-consuming at all hours of the day or night, and they make the world your workplace.

It isn’t just reactionary sentiment that could lead someone to turn back to a simpler piece of hardware. The smartphone market is plateauing and, according to Ofcom, 30% of the UK’s mobile phone users don’t own one; a figure that doesn’t include the many people who own a smartphone but keep a dumbphone in reserve for holidays, festivals and the many inevitable intervals during which their smartphones are out of action. There’s a national thirst for a phone that answers the call of duty, but goes no further, and the following is a cross-section of candidates from five brands. Could you do what Eddie couldn’t, and abandon your smartphone for good?

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Wearable tech combines style with a social conscience

Designer Melissa Coleman draws attention to the frequency at which young women die unnecessarily in childbirth

It’s beautiful, intricate and elegantly simple. But this lace collar is also seriously flash.

Called Political Lace and created by Melissa Coleman, a software engineer-cum-media design artist based in London, the accessory is fitted with an LED light that blinks every seven and a half minutes – the frequency at which young women die unnecessarily during childbirth.

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