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FOOTCLOUD® Reusable Adhesive Gel Cushions Light/Medium or Medium/Dark


FOOTCLOUD® Reusable Adhesive Gel Cushions Light/Medium or Medium/Dark


Makes shoes feel more comfortable. These revolutionary reusable adhesive comfort cushions stick to the foot so they work with any type of shoe including men's, women's, sports shoes, slippers, and strappy sandals.

  • The only solution for adding comfort to open toe strappy heels, sandals or flip flops
  • Can be used while waking barefoot
  • Unisex
  • Provides targeted cushioning for pain and pressure points on the foot.
  • Tapered oval shape provides ultimate comfort where needed with a seemless edge
  • 2 translucent shades
  • Reusable up tp 3 times
  • Use on ball of foot, heel or both
  • US Patent
  • Ultra-thin design provides comfort without the bulk of insoles
  • Repositionable ahdesive does not destroy or damage shoes
  • Silicone does not absorb sweat and remains odor free.
  • Recyling program, silicone gets melted down and repurposed to prevent items going to landfill


8 cushions per pack

2 Translucent tones, work with any skin tone, LIGHT/MEDIUM and MEDIUM/DARK

Free shipping on orders above $30. We ship everywhere within continental US.

Worry-free 30 day return

100% silicone.

Size: 2 3/4 x 2 inches. works for all foot and shoe sizes.

US Patent No. 11273070