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Shaka Swoveralls


Shaka Swoveralls


Did you know the Shaka hand sign is a friendly, universal symbol meant to communicate the “hang loose and chill” vibe? Of course you did. But wait, could that mean Shaka is also the hand sign for Swoveralls? Whoa. Can you see where we’re going with this? Our latest creation —Shaka Swoveralls. The Shaka Swoveralls are made out of our world famous super soft breathable fabric with the chillest design there ever was on them. Yewwwww! 🤙

Rad Partnership

This beautifully comfy and rad partnership was born the way most relationships are these days...on the internet. After sharing a mutual appreciation for each other's brand and vibe, Artist Kevin Butler and Swoveralls combined forces to bring a rad design to life on the comfiest things ever.

About Kevin Butler

Kevin Butler is a dad, surfer, artist located in Venice Beach California. He’s the creator of a series called #RadCarsWithRadSurfboards, The Bald Seagull and the #peaceandshaka project. He’s done exhibitions in California, Hawaii, Japan, Portugal and British Columbia, Canada

He created this one of a kind peace and shaka pattern specifically for this Swoveralls collab.


Unisex Sizing

Sustainable Organic Cotton & Recycled Polyester Blend

Inside-bib, secret front pocket with zipper closure

Adjustable Straps

Deep front bib and side pockets

Zipper fly