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ILLUMINOUS Body Glow Highlighter


ILLUMINOUS Body Glow Highlighter


Glow Like a Goddess this summer with ILLUMINOUS!

Drench your body in Sun Lux's new luxurious all-over "ILLUMINOUS" Body Glow Highlighters that give your skin that perfect summers Sun-Kissed look without the sunburn. Their formula glides across the skin leaving a silky soft texture, without streaking or clumping. You can add as many layers as you want for a soft subtle look, or a more intense summers glow. Sun Lux offer 4 colors to choose from for all skin types, and to give your skin the glow you are looking for. All colors are Cruelty Free, Vegan and Paraben Free.


1) Pearl – leaves a soft purple tint to the skin for a pearl shine.

2) Champagne – leaves a soft light gold tint to the skin for a Champagne shine.

3) Rose - a peachy antique-rose based shimmer that adds a warm rosy glow to the skin.

4) Gold- a terracotta toned shimmer that bestows a rich bronze glow to the skin.

ILLUMINOUS can be worn year-round, on your face & body and is great for beginners & make-up artists.

For every occasion ILLUMINOUS will give your skin the glow-up it's looking for; Summertime, Weddings, Concerts, Birthdays, New Year’s Eve and so much more.

Get your skin glowing, and say NO to a sunburn!



Gives your skin a beautiful summers glow, without going into the sun. (No Sunburns). Leaves the skin feeling silky smooth, with no clumping. Can go all over the face & body and can also be added to your foundation. Excellent for any/all occasions.


Skin Application for the Face - Start with 1-2 drops to your face, high cheek bones, bridge of nose, eyebrow bone & Cupid’s bow. You can also add one drop to your liquid foundation or primer for a healthy glow to the skin. Remember, less is more, a little goes a long way. Layer as needed.

Body Application – Start with 1-4 drops for your body, shoulders, chest, arms & stomach. 3-6 drops for the legs. A little goes a long way so start with small drops and layer as needed.


We recommend you apply on dry clean skin, and apply over Lux Sunscreen.


0.5 fl oz / 15ml