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NoCo Lifting Belt


NoCo Lifting Belt


"The BEST Lifting Belt On The Market"

Have you ever noticed how boring and bland most weightlifting belts look? We have, and since we believe you deserve better, we decided to do something about it. So, we hit the drawing board with one goal in mind – to create the undisputed best belt in the market.

That’s right — the new champ is here. The innovative NoCo Belt is where style meets performance.

Aesthetically inspired by streetwear and sneakers, the belt features exposed stitching, abstract zig-zag patterns, CNC’ed buckle, and laser-etched details to make a bold statement while you go for your next PR.

But our attention to detail doesn’t stop at looks — the NoCo Belt features a contoured design that sits perfectly between your ribs and hip bones, providing 360 support without uncomfortably digging in during lifts. It also features the first-ever Ab Plate technology that provides much-needed front support while doubling as a track to keep the belt in line while you adjust the tightness.

The NoCo Belt exists at the intersection of utility and self-expression to help you perform at your best and to bring out your inner beast.


Weightlifting belts are perfect for anyone who wants to protect and stabilize the spine during heavy lifting. The belt engages your core and provides a surface for your abdominal and lower back muscles to push against. This reduces the pressure off your spine while taking on heavy loads, giving you a more stable, safer lift.

What makes the NoCo Belt truly unique (besides how freaking dope it looks) is the 360 support it provides. Most belts provide support only for your lower back (via plastic inserts) while totally ignoring the other half of your core, the abdominal muscles. The NoCo Belt is the first and only belt that provides full support to the abdominal area thanks to our patent-pending Ab Plate. The Ab Plate also doubles as a track to keep the end of the belt in place while giving you the ability to adjust the belt’s tightness on-demand.

Engage your entire core and lift safely (with style) with the NoCo Belt.