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Egg Powder Mixin, 4-Month Supply


Egg Powder Mixin, 4-Month Supply


Baked Egg Protein Supplement For Babies

The easy way to follow early introduction recommendations. Add exactly 2g of baked egg protein to your baby's meals with Lil Mixins Egg Powder Mixin. Made from egg whites baked for 40 mins and ground. Feeding babies well-cooked egg protein can promote normal tolerance of eggs later in life. Includes 48 servings (a 4-month supply.) For infants 4-12 months.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends introducing infants to peanuts and other allergens starting at 4 months, for babies at high risk of peanut allergy, and by 6 months of all other infants.


Ingredients: Egg whites and tapioca starch.

0g sugar, 0g salt


Includes Easy Scoop

Made in a nut-free facility and tested free of cross-contamination.

Note: Lil Mixins' all-natural baking & grinding process may result in glossy flakes of varying size that will soften in food. Larger flakes of baked egg white may be removed and discarded

Shipping worldwide. Free Shipping in the US. Made in the USA.