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The Aura Collection


The Aura Collection


Featuring a radiant iridescent color in a variety of glassware, introducing the new Aura Collection! Available as a full collection or individual pairs of:

- Diamond Whiskey Glasses

- Double Walled Martini Glasses

- Stemless Wine Glasses

- Martini Glasses

- Champagne Glasses

- Stemmed Wine Glasses

- Upside Down Beer Glasses

These unique wine glasses feature a brilliant, sparkly Aura effect that makes them perfect for pictures, parties, and memories. The rainbow color ensures these wine glasses sparkle in the light, making them a head turner and conversation starter. Using only high-quality crystal glass with a refined iridescent coating, these iridescent glasses will be the talk of the party. Surprise friends, family, and significant others with these special glasses that are perfect for the holidays, birthdays, and celebrations.


Crystal clear, lead-free, high quality glass that is suitable for daily use and cleans easily.