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Date Established 07/2019
Founder Parlan Fritz, David Malmqvist
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Press Contact Parlan Fritz


ZWM Biodegradable AirPod Cases
ZWM Biodegradable AirPod Cases $19.99
ZWM Biodegradable Laptop Sleeves
ZWM Biodegradable Laptop Sleeves $59.90
ZWM Tablet Sleeve
ZWM Tablet Sleeve $49.99


Swedish brand ZWM - Zero Waste Movement - offers lifestyle tech accessories made from sustainable and biodegradable materials without compromising on functionality and style. ZWM only uses sustainable materials in their products and materials that are certified biodegradable and compostable by DINCERTCO, a German test lab. A ZWM™ case is made from maize starch and cellulose; they are soft, flexible and durable, similar to a silicon case.

ZWM compensates their CO2-footprint by planting a tree for each product sold. As a result, they are always, as a minimum, climate neutral. On average, each mangrove tree ZWM plants, removes over 680 lbs of Co2 from the atmosphere over the life of the tree! So in fact, one can argue that they are not only neutral, but CO2 positive.

ZWM also strives to ensure that the people who work with them are respected, valued, and feel safe. Before any form of production can begin, ZWM requires all of their suppliers to sign and adhere to a Code of Conduct.

The ZWM brand and products are developed and designed in their Stockholm studio.

Founding Story

ZWM was born from an urge to make a difference within an industry where sustainability has not always been a priority. Since 2018, ZWM has dedicated their work to creating a greener alternative to today's fast plastics. ZWM joins the millions of people and organizations all over the world that unite in an ambition to work towards a sustainable future. Despite cultural, geographical and social differences, they all share a common overall vision for a sustainable future. ZWM is a leading brand for sustainable tech accessories in Europe and Australia and is now expanding into the US.

Team Bios

David Malmqvist

Founder / Product & Brand Director

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David has been brand-building and developing products for the last 10 years within the mobile accessories sector. He is multi-talented, works quickly and is driven by constantly improving products and brands in order to enhance their competitive edge. He leads the product and brand development of ZWM, and is the co-founder of ZWM together with Parlan.

David lives outside Stockholm with his fiancee and two kids.

Niklas has been working within mobile accessory sales for the last 12 years and is specialized in key account management and new business development. He recognizes the importance of service to his customers, and always puts customer satisfaction as the main focus of his work. This has given Niklas a great reputation within the market, as his attention to detail and dedication is recognized and highly appreciated by partners and customers.

Niklas heads the UK office, and lives outside London with his wife and two kids.

Parlan Fritz


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For the past 22 years, ZWM founder Parlan has been running his own businesses as an entrepreneur, focusing on the consumer technology accessories business for the last 12 years. He has a background training at Art School and International Project Management at the private School "the Kaospilots" out of Denmark, including one year in the SF Bay Area. He has obtained substantial experience and a global network within business and trade. Parlan emphasizes the building of long-term relationships with partners and stakeholders from a positive and win-win mentality. He is hard working, curious and appreciates the ongoing learning that comes with the territory of a constantly evolving business.

Parlan lives in Stockholm with his wife and daughter.


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