Alpacas Provide the Perfect Luxury Winter Layer for the Modern Man Lisbon-based, Ziggy Lloyd, launches contemporary outerwear for men using latest luxury ingredient, the sustainable and ethically sourced Alpaca Wool
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Sustainably sourced in South America, made with love in Portugal

Ziggy Lloyd is the brainchild of Ephraim and Sophie Austin who first conceived the idea back in 2017 through a shared passion for South America’s exquisite artisan workmanship and the unique warmth and comfort of alpaca wool. Unlike other fabrics, alpaca fleece has a remarkable softness which just cries out to be touched, as well as offering superior warmth and protection from the elements thanks to its unique thermal properties.

The Ziggy Lloyd range, first launched in 2020, features a small, limited edition line of timeless coats and jackets with a contemporary twist. Small batch editions are released yearly with a new, signature lining artwork designed exclusively for Ziggy Lloyd by a guest artist, whose mark is featured on the inside lining of each garment.

How it all began

While Ziggy Lloyd’s range is designed for the modern man, the wearing of alpaca fleece began a little earlier - around 1438 to be precise, when the Incan nobility would wear this luscious and soft fabric as a sign of status. The same principles are reflected in the Ziggy Lloyd outerwear collection which is created from high quality, ethical and sustainable materials, including premium alpaca fleece from Peru, 100% natural buttons handmade from the tagua nut, indigenous to Ecuador, and a biodegradable Italian cupro lining. This attention to detail, coupled with sublime design, makes the Ziggy Lloyd coat the must have for men this winter.

About Ziggy Lloyd

Founders Ephraim and Sophie's shared passion for fashion took them from the iconic architecture of Buenos Aires through Bolivia and Peru, collecting wisdom, fabrics and workmanship tips along the way. Now based in Portugal, Ziggy Lloyd’s garments are designed by Ephraim and Sophie and tailored by a small atelier just outside of Lisbon. The most recent edition for 2021, entitled Wanderlust, features the artwork of Canadian tattoo artist Jason Yates, inspired by post-pandemic Wanderlust and the travel story of how Ziggy Lloyd came to be.

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